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Facebook Analytics Will Shut Down On June 30 – Here Are Other Ways to Explore Data

Have you heard the recent announcement of Facebook?

From the Business Help Center post: you have until June 30 to access reports, explore insights, and export charts and tables via Facebook Analytics. To export data into a CSV file from Facebook Analytics on your desktop, click the arrow in the top-right corner of each chart or table.

Marketers have less than three months to export their data and find other solutions.

When Facebook launched Facebook Analytics several years ago, its primary purpose is to connect data from a Facebook page with data from the Facebook pixel.

Users can also create funnels, cohorts, overlap charts, and other data visualizations to get different slices and views that demonstrate how people interact across platforms tied to their on-Facebook and Instagram interactions.

I don’t use Facebook Analytics because it isn’t all that useful.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the announcement is the issue of Facebook with soon-to-hit Apple iOS privacy changes. 

Despite the announcement, Facebook remains to be active in providing a solution by introducing other tools to help you understand your advertising, presences, and activities on Facebook and Instagram, including:

Facebook Business Suite: Allows users to manage their Facebook and Instagram business accounts. It offers detailed insights about a business’s audience, content, and trends (but is not available to everyone). 

Ads Manager: Lets businesses view, make changes, and see results for Facebook campaigns and ads.

Events Manager: Can help users set up and manage Facebook business tools like the Facebook pixel and Conversions API. Also reports on actions taken on a business’s website, app, and physical store.

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Richard Noromor

CEO & Founder