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In commemoration of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption on June 15, 1991, we honor the resilience and iron will of those who were perished, affected and survived.🌋

May we always be reminded of the unwavering spirit of the people of Pampanga.

#ASF #BrightFM #ASF919 #Kakaluguran #ASFFriendsTayo #MakiramdamTana
Want to elevate your visibility and and make a positive impact for your business? 🤔 Look no further!

Our platform offers you the opportunity to reach and connect with your target audience and showcase your products and services.

Let our dedicated listeners hear your message and experience the power of our community 🌟 Reach out to us today and let’s unlock the potential of your business!

#ASF #BrightFM #ASF919 #Kakaluguran #ASFFriendsTayo #MakiramdamTana
On this blessed day, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. 🤍

With hearts uplifted and spirits united, let us honour the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

May we be nourished spiritually and be blessed continuously through the Eucharist and God's unending grace. 🙏

#ASF #BrightFM #ASF919 #Kakaluguran #ASFFriendsTayo #MakiramdamTana
Craving for 1887 Garden Cafe favorites at home? Get them delivered! 🛵

You heard that right, we deliver! Place your orders via @GrabFood or @FoodPanda and you can have our freshly prepared specialties quickly delivered to your doorstep!

Message us for your order now and indulge in 1887 Garden Cafe’s goodness in the comfort of your home. 🍽️😋

#1887GardenCafe #FarmToTable #MexicanFood #GardenCafe #Mabalacat
Grab a seat, coffee lovers! And let’s brew up some friendly rivalry: which is your ultimate cup of java? is it HOT or ICED?

Do you find more comfort with a steaming hot cup, or does the refreshing coolness of iced coffee win your heart? Join the friendly banter and share which one you prefer!

And don’t forget to come by 1887 Garden Cafe and give our freshly brewed coffees a try!

#1887GardenCafe #FarmToTable #MexicanFood #GardenCafe #Mabalacat
Spice up your life and celebrate International Herbs and Spices Day! 🌿✨

Celebrate the diversity of herbs and spices that add zest and depth to our palates. From the earthy richness of curry to the soothing aroma of lemongrass, let's savor the magic these flavors bring to our dishes!

Check out some of the herbs and spices that we use to elevate our dishes here at 1887 Garden Cafe!

#1887GardenCafe #FarmToTable #MexicanFood #GardenCafe #Mabalacat
When it comes to cleaning, we like to go DEEP 😏😏😏

#AteGirl #HomeCleaningService #WalangArte
Bombastic side eye 👀

#AteGirl #HomeCleaningService #PetGrooming #WalangArte
Your FIlipino accent is so sexy, say it again.

#AteGirl #HomeCleaningService #WalangArte
Cheers to honor the efforts and determination of the hardworking laborers 💪

May this day be a resemblance of the contributions of Filipino workers towards the economic development of our dear country. Let us all appreciate and applaud the dedication and perseverance of the workforces, Happy Labor Day! 🤜🤛

#Emerge #DigitalFirst #WeAreEmerge
🔊📣 Unleash the Power of Audio Ads! 🎧🎙️

Grab attention, make an impact, and drive action with these essential tips. Let your brand's voice be heard! 🗣️🚀

#Emerge #DigitalFirst #WeAreEmerge
Relevance is the key!

Injecting your informative content with humor, puns, and witty jokes can help you make a save-worthy post. You can try anything that fits and when you finally hit the mark, make sure to be consistent. 🚨

This Hump Day Update is brought to you by Emerge.
Digital-First Is The New Rule!

#GoDigital #DigitalFirst #WeAreEmerge
Bossing! What are your standards when it comes to your tires? ⎈ 🚙🚐

Michelin tires, though a name already etched in the wheel industry, continues to bring new and innovative concepts for tires - this includes sustainability in materials, design, and utility plus strength to ensure endurance on your drive.

Check out and get a set for your car, SUV, or van here at ULTRA MRF San Fernando! See the standard for yourself!

Send us a message on messenger or message us through: 09663616678 / 09602508156 / 09694145210

#ULTRAMRFSanFernando #TeamULTRAMRF #YouChooseWeFit #TeamULTRA #Carcare #HelloSanFernando

Check out mags by FUEL XD and ROTA Wheels at our SUPER SUMMER SALE here at ULTRA MRF San Fernando and other branches. This is your chance to own a set designed for endurance travel, with strong and stylish accent for your vehicle. 🚙💪✨

Visit our branch from 8AM to 6PM, every day and see for yourself the widest tire selection in stock and over a hundreds of designs to choose from.

We accept credit cards, installment for BDO and Metrobank cardholders, and HOME CREDIT. For further inquiries message us through: 09663616678 / 09602508156 / 09694145210

#ULTRAMRFSanFernando #TeamULTRAMRF #YouChooseWeFit #TeamULTRA #Carcare #HelloSanFernando #DareToCompare #Sale #Promo
Mabuhay ang ating kasarinlan mga boss!

ULTRA MRF San Fernando joins the whole nation in celebrating our 125th Independence Day. We wish everyone a meaningful commemoration! As we drive on to the future, may the sacrifices for the sake of this freedom never be forgotten in the long roads ahead.

#ULTRAMRFSanFernando #TeamULTRAMRF #YouChooseWeFit #TeamULTRA #Carcare #HelloSanFernando #IndependenceDay #Kalayaan
Good Friday, a day to commemorate the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 🕊

Today is a chance to reflect on our sins and ponder on the hope of salvation through His victory over sin and death. As sinners, may we be reminded of his unconditional love and compassion towards us.

#GoodFriday #PuntoCentralLuzon #Punto #News #CentralLuzon #ConnectingPoints
Get the best of both worlds in advertising your business with Punto! – your daily source of news and digital media content!

We'll place your brand on a platform to assist you in reaching your target audience and increasing your visibility. From print to social media, we got you covered!

So what are you waiting for? Let's connect at and start advertising with us today!

#PuntoCentralLuzon #Punto #News #CentralLuzon #ConnectingPoints
When you lose track of the latest news and updates. Look for Punto! 👀

Get caught up with timely and relevant information happening in Central Luzon. Easily accessible through our print and social media platforms. Read the latest issue here, and share them with the ones you care about. 👨‍👩‍👧

Click-er here: to learn more. No pun intended. 🥹🍄

#PuntoAds #PuntoCentralLuzon #Punto #News #CentralLuzon #ConnectingPoints
We’re on TikTok! Catch snippets, updates and new refreshing content to keep up with the latest happenings in The Infinity! 🙌

Follow us on our official TikTok account now! Visit

#TheInfinity #TheShoppes #RecreatePossibilities #TikTok
Looking for the ideal space for your business to bloom? The Infinity Phase 2 is the right choice for you!

Find the missing piece to your dream space here, in your reach at The Infinity, Phase 2! Discover infinite opportunities at the Heart of Angeles City, with us!

Interested in leasing? Contact us for inquiries through:
HLURB LTS NO: 034103

#TheInfinity #TheShoppes #RecreatePossibilities #DiscoverMore
Love is in the air with couples ready to tie the knot!🤵👰

This June 21, 3PM at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, Jenra Foundation is happy to announce LOVE REIGNS–a mass wedding event in partnership with Porac wedding event organizers!

Grab your match made in heaven and join us! Be the one to walk down the aisle and say I do! 💍💒

#TheInfinity #TheShoppes #RecreatePossibilities #DiscoverMore
Your Extra Breast Milk Can Make a Huge Difference!

Exclusive human milk feeding significantly contributes to the overall well-being of medically fragile infants.

Best of all, we'll cover all lab test expenses for you, making it even easier to become a screened milk donor. Once approved, you can donate your milk and help nourish those in need.

Get Screened today. For inquiries and the donation process, call The Medical City Lactation Center at 8988-1000 or 8988-7000 ext. 6720
Join us as we celebrate Global Lifestyle Medicine Week with a fun-filled Zumba activity!

Let us sweat to the beat and dance our way to a healthy and active lifestyle this Monday, May 22 at The Medical City Garden.

To register, scan the QR code or go to: SALU-SALO THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

#LetsGetTogether for our annual Salu-Salo Holiday Weekend Bazaar starting tomorrow, November 11.

Celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones, and bring home good memories of delicious food and amazing finds, and all-fun weekend.

See you here!
Rainy days caution!

Leptospirosis is a serious bacterial infection transmitted through contaminated water. Watch out for symptoms like high fever, muscle pain, headache, and nausea.

If you experience these signs, don't delay seeking help. In case of emergencies, rush to The Medical City's emergency room at 8988-1000 / 7000 local 6174 / 6175.

#Leptospirosis #EmergencyCare
#StaySafe #TheMedicalCity #TMC
Cabalens always celebrate the spirit of togetherness and this is evident within The Orchard community spaces. This includes our soon to rise Building 2!

These upgraded alfresco hub for shopping spots 🛍, dining destinations 🍽, hang-out corners ☕🍸, even working space 💻 is designed to compliment the outdoor spaces with a genuine relaxing vibe in the metro, plus environment friendly building system for the eco-mmunity touch. 🌳

Want to learn more? Send us a message or contact us at 0947-007-1150 / email:

#LetsGetTogether #LetsEatTogether #theorchard #LetsUnwindTogether #alfresco #coming soon
#LetsGetTogether for an amazing summer! 🌞

Tara! Tag family and friends! Hang-out and chill, beat of the summer heat here at the genuine al fresco spot of The Orchard.

Enjoy great food under the shady trees and make memories in a backyard atmosphere. Check out the array of cafés and restaurants for a perfect summer commune. 🍃🍽😋

Like and follow our page for more surprises and announcements. See you! 🌳

#LetsEatTogether #LetsDineTogether #TheOrchard #Alfresco

Watch out for the arrival of the “𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆” here at The Orchard, any idea who is it? We can smell that delicious flame-grilled goodness already!

Like and follow our page for more announcements and updates! 😋🌳

#LetsGetTogether #LetsEatTogether #LetsDineTogether #TheOrchard #Alfresco
Tired of glasses and want to see the world in HD?

LASIK might be the key to addressing your vision problems! If you’re looking to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, LASIK is a great solution!

Learn more about our refractive surgery options that’s optimal for you! Book a consultation with us via:
Help your child see a brighter and clearer path ahead all the more this #MyopiaAwarenessWeek!
With the guidance of our experts, Soliman Paroli Optical is here to help you through your child’s myopia journey.
Learn more about our Myopia Control Program and Myopia Management Methods by setting your appointment with us via:
No hassle of switching from your prescription glasses to sunglasses with our transitions lenses!

Sunny days won’t be a pain anymore, stay protected and see clearly! Transitions lenses are clear indoors then automatically darken when exposed to bright light.

Get your pair of hassle-free and stylish transitions lenses now! Book an appointment with us via:
Our Monster Burger Challenge is back! Do you accept the challenge?

Come and step up to devour this massive burger weighing a hefty 3kg! Don’t worry, it comes with a mug of beer to help you wash it down.

You’ve got 30 minutes. Finish it all within the time limit to get it FREE and win a special surprise too!

For bookings, message us or visit:

Call: +63 036 288 3758
Text: +63 928 337 2617

Location: Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island
Seeking the perfect getaway? Look no further!

We invite you to come and experience sun-kissed days and moonlit nights with exceptional comfort and a wide array of delicious food offerings!

Escape to paradise and discover the allure of Red Coconut located at White Beach Station 2.

For bookings, message us or visit:

Call: +63 036 288 3758
Text: +63 928 337 2617

Location: Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island
Are you ready to REDiscover Boracay?

First things first! Are you the type who waits for their vacation leave’s approval before booking a room? Or are you that go-getter who books their hotel in advance and then files for VL? React your answer below!

Either way, we’re all excited to welcome you here at the Red Coconut Boracay. For bookings, message us or visit:
Don’t miss out on hassle-free getaways! As the summer season is still on and many outdoor activities are at bay, make sure your kicks are clean and fresh, Ka-Suellas!

Drop by Suellas The Shoe Laundry and get your shoes cleaned, basic and deep, to get you ready for your summer activities! Visit us at 5GK Bldg, Nepomuceno St., Santo Rosario, Angeles City. (Behind Museo Ning Angeles)

For inquiries, please send us a message! Contact us via SMS/ Viber / Messenger: 0917-165-2710

#suellasangeles #shoelaundry #suellas #freshshoes #shoeunyellowing #walkwithconfidence #deepcleaningservices #shoecleaning #basiccleanwithpolish #shoedeodorizing
Basic cleaning goes a long way. Check out this blackened pair from muddy flood waters become good clean footwear ready for another day!

Suellas welcomes any services you need from basic to deep cleaning, repair, deodorizing, and more! See us at 5GK Bldg, Nepomuceno St., Santo Rosario, Angeles City. (Behind Museo Ning Angeles)

Please send us a message to know more! Contact us via SMS/ Viber / Messenger: 0917-165-2710

#suellasangeles #shoelaundry #suellas #freshshoes #shoeunyellowing #walkwithconfidence #deepcleaningservices #shoecleaning #basiccleanwithpolish #shoedeodorizing
SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Speaking of corners, you can find Suellas The Shoe Laundry at 5GK Bldg, Nepomuceno St., Santo Rosario, Angeles City, just behind the Museo Ning Angeles.

Get your shoes cleaned (basic or deep), whitened, deodorized, and refreshed for a hassle-free summer escapade- be it mountain climbing, out-of-town or international trips, we’ll make sure your footwear shines!

For inquiries, please send us a message! Contact us via SMS / Viber / Messenger: 0917-165-2710

#suellasangeles #shoelaundry #suellas #freshshoes #shoeunyellowing #walkwithconfidence #deepcleaningservices #shoecleaning #basiccleanwithpolish #shoedeodorizing
It’s happy hour somewhere… especially here at Capitol Hill Hotel & Suites! 😉

Cocktails and refreshments perfect for that break after a long day. Toast and cheer with the best people here at the Overlook Resto and Bar. Try out our blend of drinks and delicious side snacks for a relaxing late afternoon huddle. 🍹🍸🥂

Visit or call 0977 124 7175 | 045 436 0557 | 0969 176 4473 to know more.

#CapitolHillHotelandSuites #RisingToNewHeights #AngelesCity #SplendidComfort #SplendidWelcomes
Eid'ul Adha Al-Mubarak!

Warmest greetings to our brethrens in the Muslim community. May this day be filled with blessings as you culminate your pilgrimage and may comfort reign in your homes in days to come.

#CapitolHillHotelandSuites #RisingToNewHeights #AngelesCity #SplendidComfort #SplendidWelcomes

Treat your dad or hubby to a dine-in experience at our @Overlook restaurant and bar this June 18, 2023, and we’ll make it even more special with two (2) drinks on the house for every single receipt of P1,000!

You can choose among our arrays of selected beers, shakes, or coffee! 🍹☕🍻

Make reservations today and call 0977 124 7175 | 045 436 0557 | 0969 176 4473

#CapitolHillHotelandSuites #RisingToNewHeights #AngelesCity #SplendidComfort #SplendidWelcomes
Cabalen, ready your pedals! This #WorldBicycleDay, check out and traverse these cycling paths! 🚵🚴

Clark Freeport’s bike and CXC trails are great spots to enjoy the natural sceneries and elevate your biking experience. At the same time, New Clark City offers an open space for group biking with the NCC Stadium in the background. Adya yu na la ring kekayung bitis! Let’s bike up and see more of the metro!

#MetroClarkGuide #MetroClark #TaraNaSaMetro #PampangaAndBeyond
#HoldTheLine ✊🖊🖋

In the digital age when news content is seemingly related more on entertainment, PR, and trends. Let us not forget the power of the true press to hold people in power accountable and the responsibilities that comes in practicing our willed expression.

Salute to all who continue to fight fake news and disinformation, uphold balanced journalism, promote informative content, and those who are brave to question what needs to be questioned.

#MetroClarkGuide #MetroClark #TaraNaSaMetro #WorldPressFreedomDay
Kapampangans are among the few groups of Filipinos who bravely fought for our country’s independence.

Beyond the eras of colonizers, today as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Philippine #Independence, we salute as well those among us who continues to fight for all sense of freedom, every day. For individual rights, for equality, and for others so as we can all enjoy the fruits of liberation, free speech and expression, and freedom within ourselves not only as Kapampangans, not only as Filipinos, but as human beings.


#MetroClarkGuide #MetroClark #TaraNaSaMetro
Let’s raise awareness and celebrate strength 💪🏻💙

This May, Join Dr. Gan as she sheds light on different conditions during and after pregnancy in celebration of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.

This month is about eradicating the stigma, informing moms they can seek medical help, and empowering them by supporting them through their struggles.

#gynecologistpenang #obstetricianpenang #penang #GleneaglesHospitalPenang #ByAWomanForAllWomen #MaternalMentalHealthAwarenessMonth
Motherhood is a life changing experience and it isn’t the easiest thing to do. 🤰

Different people cope with motherhood differently and with it comes physical and psychological changes and adjustments. Since the whole process of pregnancy, to giving birth, to post partum can be overwhelming, it can cause perinatal mental health conditions.

Perinatal Mental Health conditions come in a spectrum of experiences that can affect individuals and can cause adverse effects for parents, children and families. If you’re having trouble coping with pregnancy, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor.

#gynecologistpenang #obstetricianpenang #penang #GleneaglesHospitalPenang #ByAWomanForAllWomen
Being a mom is a beautiful journey, but it's not always easy.

Pregnancy and childbirth can affect a mom's physical, hormonal, and emotional state. These changes can lead to postpartum Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, a condition that affects many new moms.

Recognize the symptoms and know that you are not alone. This condition is treatable, and with the right help, you can regain a sense of yourself again! Look at the symptoms below and reach out to your physician for support if you've experienced any.

#gynecologistpenang #obstetricianpenang #penang #GleneaglesHospitalPenang #ByAWomanForAllWomen
July marks that we’ve reached 2023’s second half! How about we reminisce a little? 💭💭

Did you have exciting travels via CRK this year? Come share them with us. Drop some of your CRK snaps and stories at the comments below! 👇

As your gateway to countless destinations, hearing about your experiences help us ensure your travels are hassle-free. 😉

#ClarkInternationalAirport #ThisIsOurAirport #YourGatewayToMore #LIPAD #CRK #ClarkAirport #ClarkNaTayo #CloserToWhatMattersMost
Today marks the start of @EVA Air’s daily flights from Taipei to CRK with an upgraded aircraft!

EVA Air flights via CRK are now operated by an A330-300 aircraft that caters to a bigger capacity. This means MORE room and MORE comfortable travels to Taipei! ✈️

Fly to Taipei with EVA Air, the wings of Taiwan! Book your flights now via

#ClarkInternationalAirport #ThisIsOurAirport #YourGatewayToMore #LIPAD #CRK #ClarkAirport #ClarkNaTayo #CloserToWhatMattersMost
Think fast! Traveling can be full of surprises, and that’s part of the fun, but are you more of a risk taker or do you like things certain and guaranteed?

Let us know if you’re either into random adventures or efficiently planned out itineraries by reacting below!

Tag your travel buddy and find out their pick too!

#ClarkInternationalAirport #ThisIsOurAirport #YourGatewayToMore #LIPAD #CRK #ClarkAirport #ClarkNaTayo #CloserToWhatMattersMost

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