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Learn How to Choose the Right Creatives for Effective Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, it is important to know when to use the right creatives. Whether it be pictures, videos, sound, or any other creative content, it is essential to understand when and how these should be used. Choosing the right type of creative for your content heavily impacts your message and effectiveness, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. To shed light on the importance of choosing the right creatives, this article will discuss the various types and how they can be used in different situations. We will also look at some tips for knowing when to use the right creatives for maximum impact. By understanding when and how to use different types of creatives, we can ensure that our message reaches its intended audience in an effective manner.

Deciding what type of creatives fit your digital marketing campaign

Curating a social media plan and unsure of what type of creatives you should use? Before you do so, know that visuals, videos, and sound are powerful tools to communicate a message. They can be used in different ways to impact the audience. But when should you use pictures, when should you use videos, and when should you use sound? Before deciding, check the following tips:

Ride on the timely and relevant creative trends

The timeliness and relevance of any content you release are essential factors to consider when choosing the right creative. It’s not enough to simply choose a creative that feels right. You must ensure that it aligns with current events or trending topics your audience is interested in. For instance, one of the most popular and rapidly growing creative trends in social media content creation is reels. Some brands ride on this and keep it simple and relatable, while some like to impress with high-quality effects. You can take out all your creative juices on a reel, but how can you be sure it’s the right creative for your brand? The answer to this is to try it and check its performance. More on this below!

Check what performs well on your page

Some think that choosing the right creatives starts in ideation and ends in production, but this is simply untrue. Arguably, choosing the right creatives reflects the most in post-publishing! You can use tools to check your insights on your pages, such as Meta Business Suite, which reflects the performance of your posts! Did you release a reel for the first time? How did it do? Did your audience engage with it at the tiniest percent more compared to other creatives? These are the questions you should ask yourself as you review published posts to have informed decisions! So be sure to use post-publishing analytics to choose which creatives your audience engages with.

Compatibility with your brand

As much as our first tip insists that you should ride on trends, this last tip is a disclaimer that you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your brand. Yes, it’s important to try new things creative-wise. But always remember your branding! If anything on trend doesn’t fit the puzzle, either try to execute it differently or just pass on it. After all, creatives’ performance ends with compatibility with your content and what your audience likes.

Top video content to help promote your brand

Video content has become a vital part of any marketing strategy. With the rise of social media platforms, short-form video content has gained immense popularity among users. This is where video reels come into play – a short and engaging way to showcase your brand or product in a visually appealing manner. Whether it’s promoting a new product, showcasing behind-the-scenes footage, or creating brand awareness, video reels have proven to be an effective marketing tool. In this section, we will explore how video reels are used in digital marketing and how brands can leverage them to drive their business goals forward.

Relatable Content

Trending videos like Reels and Tiktok offer a unique opportunity to showcase real-life experiences in an authentic and engaging way. Tiktoks and reels are designed to be short and snappy, making them perfect for capturing attention in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With the ability to add music, filters, and special effects, brands can create visually stunning content that resonates with their audience. By using them for relatable and experiential content, brands can connect with their audience on a deeper level. Check out Mcdonald’s take, angling on promoting Birthday Parties with them: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSLBr3J6Q/

Experiential Content

Experiential content is also another angle short-form videos are usually used today. These types of executions usually showcase customer experience to let the audience know what it’s like to avail of brands’ products or services. This way, audiences experience and sense of familiarity, and brands can show a more trustworthy image with actual representation through these short videos. You’ve probably encountered this with influencers who feature their experience when trying out services or products.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes is a great form of informative content that brings brands closer to the audience by bringing them closer to what’s happening behind the curtain. This also gives the brands a chance to showcase their transparency to the audience, which most find appealing.


Video montages are a classic approach to product and service features, and they have not lost their touch today! Tiktok and reels with a similar approach still perform very well and are a great choice to keep your branding intact. Check out this reel by Starbucks: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ct0PEkOyPzI/?igshid=MjAxZDBhZDhlNA%3D%3D

The power of images in digital marketing

Images have the ability to capture attention and convey messages in a way that text alone cannot. They can evoke emotions, tell stories, and create a memorable brand image. Whether it’s on a website, social media post, or email campaign, incorporating high-quality images into your digital marketing can make all the difference in attracting and engaging your target audience. With the rise of social media platforms and the increasing importance of visual content, businesses cannot afford to ignore the power of images in their digital marketing efforts. Let’s explore the dominant forms of image postings in digital marketing and how notable businesses effectively use them to enhance their online presence and drive results.

Engagement Posts

Whether it’s a trending meme to a simple question, you’d like your audience’s opinion on, these types of image posts are best for spiking audience interaction. These aren’t only for entertainment but for the audience to feel like they’re heard. This narrows the gap between the audience and the brand, forming a closer relationship. Check out Angkas’ ever-so-simple creative Mother’s Day ad that got their customers laughing!

Promotions or Advertisements

The classic hard-sell approach on your ads still works! People see a price and they keep their eyes peeled for it, so be sure to highlight the numbers. Add your own little spin to a hard-sell ad and coupled with the right creatives, you’re bound to garner your audience’s attention. Check out this Jollibee ad that took a different approach and showed the varieties to choose from for the same amount!

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness posts don’t get the recognition they deserve in digital marketing. But they’re the types of posts that keep the brand’s key message in the audience’s mind. Fenty Beauty did a wondrous job doing this with their ad below. Being known as an inclusive makeup brand, Fenty Beauty releases different types of creative executions that play with skin tones – fully aligned with the brand’s” for all” key message. Attention to detail to even these tinies elements and selecting the right visuals help to optimize creatives for SEO purposes too!


Images and videos are two of the top creative executions that thrive in today’s digital marketing era. Brands that aren’t able to choose the right creatives sometimes aren’t able to achieve their set goals as compared to those that can. So as mentioned above, to ensure that you are using the right creatives at the right time, it is essential to understand graphic design trends and how they can be used to create compelling visuals to capture your audience’s attention.

So when should you use images, videos, or sound, and how do you know it’s the right creative for your brand? The answer depends on the type of content you are creating and the purpose of your content. Pictures may be more effective for conveying information quickly, while videos may be better for storytelling. Sound can add emotion and atmosphere to any type of content. Ultimately, it is important to first look back on what works and then carefully consider which visuals, videos, or sound will best support your content before deciding which one to use.

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