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Who’s Naughty and Who’s Nice: Emerge Christmas & Thanksgiving Christmas Party

Emerge organized a virtual Christmas and Thanksgiving party for 2021 to celebrate with the theme “Who’s Naughty and Who’s Nice.” 

The party aimed to celebrate the wins of every Emergians for the entire year.

Ashly Calaguas, an HR Associate, hopes that 2022 will be everyone’s year. “We all lost a lot due to the pandemic, and we all deserve a win this 2022,” she said.

This Christmas is one to remember. While a raging pandemic spreads panic and sickness around the globe, everyone on the team was grateful for the progress made this last year.

Costumes Are The Absolute Worst (But Some Are Pretty Ugly, Too)

Costumes are fun but sometimes, wearing them can turn into a nightmare.

Instead of traditional Christmas Santa, the team decided to have a “Most Ugliest” Christmas costume game. A friendly office competition between groups was the aim to build up some Christmas atmosphere.

Gerone Baladhay, a brand and communication specialist, shared a funny story: “A food delivery came during the judging, and I had to come out in full costume to get it. The delivery guy was shocked! He even took a picture of me with the food items.”

Teams loved it, and people had a blast dressing up and showing off their costumes in a lighthearted manner.

Everyone wished for a better year ahead at the end of the party, free from this devastating pandemic.

Who’s this Emergian?

How well do you know your teammate? That’s the biggest question they need to answer while playing this game. Before the party, everyone sent facts and lies about themselves, and during the party, everyone tried to answer them.

Everyone learned a lot of things about each other and became a joke during their team’s daily huddle.

Deal or No Deal

We played the famous Deal or No Deal to add excitement and thrill to the party. Every Emergian got a chance to pick a briefcase and negotiate with our in-house banker.

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