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The Future of Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know About ChatGPT

With ever-evolving technology, digital marketing constantly needs to adapt to the changes and trends, from strategic planning to analytics and reporting. The ability to remain on top of the latest technologies is increasingly required for businesses to improve their results and access new opportunities and success.

Recently, the talk surrounding artificial intelligence has been a topic of discussion, especially in the creative industry. The anticipation for AI advancement is noteworthy, particularly with the public release of Chat GPT.

Introducing ChatGPT

Chat GPT is a free chatbot developed by Open AI, launched in November 2022 as a prototype. It is a conversational AI model that can answer many questions, compose essays, solve homework problems, and more. The fascinating thing about this advancement is how the chatbot can be prompt to respond and solve ideas in a very human-like manner and partake in discussions.  

Thanks to unsupervised learning, it can analyze massive amounts of data on the internet and forecast predictions. Its technology is trained using the Common Crawl dataset that scours 60 million websites with a mix of credible sources like Harvard, MIT, BBC to curated sources like Wikipedia, and historically relevant books to less credible ones like Reddit. 

This AI uses a model called GPT or Generative Pre-trained Transformer that can comprehend and express in common conversational language. ChatGPT’s language processing and GPT-3 technology enables AI to create compelling and meaningful content depending on user interests and given feedback. So how does this help users that are working in digital marketing and advertising and potentially transform the industry?

How can ChatGPT change digital marketing?

Its ability to generate engaging content based on the interest of specific users is already an advantage of using Chat GPT as a tool. This function can help content marketers in creating content tailored to a target market which can increase the chance of more engagements and direct traffic to a website and social media channels. 

Aside from content generation, ChatGPT can also aid in market research. With the amount of data in analysis, it can dig through different resources and provide consistent and valuable marketing strategies for campaigns and advertising. 

ChatGPT can be also incorporated in Search Engine Optimization. It can do keyword research easily and quickly for you. Just input your target keywords on its message or search query, it will provide a curated list of keywords related to the topic. Here are some examples of the Chatbot’s generated answers based on the marketing task it was prompted to do.

  • Provide search keywords
  • Generate product descriptions for E-commerce
  • Create blog content outlines and more

Limitations of using ChatGPT

With all its advantages, examining its limitations will be important in the long run. One potential disadvantage has to be its reliance on artificial intelligence. However, at times the content it generates is not as engaging and relevant to the audience. Users will have to review and make adjustments to the material to make sure the brand voice is heard in the messaging and that the content is not seemingly automated. 

Another limitation is that ChatGPT is unable to handle the more unique requests like existential questions. Even ChatGPT itself would respond that it cannot answer such questions and would advise that it is only the user that can do so. 

The answers it generates are not the most accurate every time. Therefore, just like searching for answers on Google, users will still have to apply experiences and knowledge when verifying the answers it made. 

And when it comes to SEO and content generation, Google has already implemented an algorithm that can detect AI-based generated content. So it is important to be mindful as AI based content can affect your SEO. In this case, human creativity is still required, as it cannot replicate the creativity and emotional intelligence of a human to make high-quality content. 

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is a very powerful conversational tool and language model by Open AI. It can participate in discussions, answer questions and provide useful information effortlessly. 

Just like in every discovery, it raises issues about how it can be used ethically, if it is going to replace human jobs or if it is going to be the new search engine. 

However, as far as Artificial Intelligence experts have answered, these AI tools should not be a reason to part ways with some job roles and professions. It should be a way to enhance our work and creations. For example, it can be a helpful solution if you as a writer are going through writer’s block or it could also be a great way to outline ideas and make the questions more comprehensible and easier to answer.

At the end of the day, most AI content generator tools cannot put out content by themselves. Humans still have to prompt the AI to do so. It is the writers, creators, and marketers that will input descriptions, features they wish to be included for it to give answers.

If you can find a way to make these technologies work for your creativity, there’s no need to worry about how AI can make content jobs replaceable. Instead, we can use these tools to become more efficient and effective in marketing. As impressive as this technology is, it is better to consider that humans and innovative technology together can produce efficient and quality results in our everyday work.

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