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Why Language Matters to your Digital-First Marketing Advantage


How are you? 

Cómo estás?

All three sentences above mean the same thing, but which would Filipinos relate to the most? Of course, it would be the first one! Why? Because it’s more familiar.

Language is the primary communication you have with your audience, and you should be well aware that which language you choose to use impacts your brand and audience. So please don’t take it into light consideration. 

In celebration of Buwan ng Wika, we’re here to reiterate the importance of language and dialect in digital marketing. Keep reading to find out how you can use language to your advantage!

Why you should care more about which language you use for marketing

You’re probably wondering, why bother putting too much thought into your words? Your marketing strategy represents your brand and which language you choose to utilize reflects your brand’s personality too. Let us introduce you to consumer linguistics – using language to build a brand image. 

Language is every brand’s first ambassador; it has the power to inform and convince people. So it can be constructed in a way that better persuades and informs customers and elicits your desired response from them. That’s why brands, then and now, start a sentence with a question and end it with a call to action; hence, they should pay more attention to what your brand says and what it doesn’t.

Language your way into an effective Digital Marketing Strategy Here:

  • When to be formal and when to be casual

Nobody likes being talked down to. Usually, people are unmotivated to ask questions when they feel intimidated by your wording. So discern whether or not your target audience would appreciate your complicated use of jargon. Most of the time, people prefer things simplified and straight to the point. So when needed, scrap those technical terms and go with laymen’s terms! 

  • Colorful Language

When it comes to marketing, you have to be witty. You can use idioms, onomatopoeia, metaphors, puns, and rhymes to your advantage! You know what they say. And that’s because some audiences tend to engage more in things they find smart and fun. So get creative with your words and take that extra time to think of lines that would stick at the back of your audience’s mind.

  • Keywords

Words can paint a picture too. The way you describe your products or services with language can really help a customer imagine their way into their journey with your brand. So help them visualize why they need you in their life and walk them through it with your words. Keywords also help with SEO. With almost everyone using social media now, one search can help lead them to your brand. So be sure to keep using keywords and synonyms of those keywords that would help the audience find their way to you.

  • Slangs 

Just like trends, language continues to evolve everyday. And day by day, it continues to be proven that brands that evolve with the times are the ones that continue to flourish. So go ahead and learn the trendy language of the times! You hear slang everywhere now. Not just in social media, people use it in real life too! But of course, you should only ride with the slang aligned with your brand persona. Remember, not all trends should be ridden. What we’re trying to do here is be flexible for growth, not be desperate. 

  • Inclusivity

Remember, words have the power to include or alienate. And in this day and age, it’s about time that we learn to incorporate that into our language and marketing strategies. So be sure that when you speak to your customers, be inclusive. Unless, of course, you’re about only a specific demographic.

  • Asking

Let your audience feel heard and let them know that you listen. Doing this helps build trust between you and your consumers. It is a highly encouraged audience engagement strategy you can do. Remember, interacting and learning from your audience is also part of marketing. 

  • Calling to Action

People are more motivated to do something when they see it right in front of them. It’s best to predict what reaction you’ll get when it comes to social media. Most of the time, your audience may dislike anything that’s too complicated. Be sure to end your sentences with a quick and easy call to action, so you don’t spare them the trouble of having to think of what to do next.

Brands that use Language to their advantage

  • KFC

“It’s finger lickin’ good” is a perfect example of using colorful language to paint a picture and not to mention- it’s super accurate! Customers are sure to keep in mind the chicken in KFC is that good. 

  • Wear Kapampangan

Wear Kapampangan is a local business from Pampanga that proudly promotes Kapampangan language and culture at the heart of its brand. The shirts and pieces from this brand feature words and phrases that Kapampangans would definitely relate to. 

  • Angkas

Angkas has long been well known in the Filipino social media community as witty and comedic. Just by its Twitter bio, you can tell what kind of content it comes out with. Angkas has flipped the tables in the Pinoy digital marketing sphere as it embraces its flaws, actively interacts with its audience and never fails to ride on the current trends. Angkas also utilizes slang and usually interacts informally with the customers. Most brands are hesitant to have this kind of approach, but it works well for them!

  • Ikea

If you’ve been to Ikea, surely you’ve come across “Hej! Or Hej da” The Swedish brand harbors the Swedish language with pride as they teach their consumers some basic greetings.

The Conclusion

Now that you know how to use language and consumer linguistics to your advantage, go brainstorm and write, write, write! Once you’ve crafted the language your brand speaks you’re only a few steps closer to being fully digital-first ready. 

We’re excited to see how far your words go in the digital marketing world.

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