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Monsoon Marketing: Strategizing Social Media Content for your Business in the Rainy Season

When it rains, it pours. 

Do you agree?

Sometimes it’s too much for your business to make a scene, especially when loyal and potential customers would rather stay at home and avoid getting wet. You’ll find your store less foot traffic, operations slowing down, and products not flying out of the check-out station. 

Most stores and services rely on dry, sunny days when people can go out and about and complete tasks, all aimed at getting sales and having a satisfied customer at the end of the day. Restaurants serve meals best enjoyed over conversations, and parks and malls need crowds and great weather to run their attractions. Hospitals need appointments. Even retail can bank on window shopping. 

Yet here’s the fork in the road; your business isn’t built for the rainy season. 

But that does not mean the rain can’t carry your brand. All you need is to dance strategically and creatively in the downpour.  

Play in (with) the Rain

Signs and meanings, play-of-words, and monikers, have always helped in the advertising and marketing industry. The punch of wittiness and creativity anchors the audience on the brand and initiates retention of content the business puts out afterward. 

One unique social media content that played with the rain is McDonalds, a simple photo of the road after the rain gathers enough water where the logo is reflected

Utilizing water-related symbolisms and third-party objects like umbrellas, paper boats, clouds, lightning, fireplace, and even the words “reign” or “pour” can make smart, witty slogans or taglines. 

Say you work for a hospital? You can match it with the tagline “Where Health and Wellness Reigns Everyday” to promote services during the rainy days. 

Provide a Stopper to the Leak

We all have collective problems when it rains. The monsoons aren’t all about calm, cuddle weather- rain causes leaking, flooding, and other hair-raising dilemmas. Analyze if your business offers products or services that can resolve such predicaments.

For grocery stores, best to feature handy tools or products for rain problems like clay sealants and waterproof materials. Remember how a laundry conditioner pointed out how washed clothes smell funky when drying in humid and cloudy weather? They highlighted their “Sunrise Fresh” alternative.  

Suppose you own a beauty shop, beauty products that work well even when wet would be great hits. If you have an auto shop, you can get customers getting new fortified tires by posing how floods and potholes could spell disaster when they travel. 

You can frame them as advisory or store tips that will also emanate your rapport and concern with your target market. 

Best to go for the Water-Proofed

Putting customers’ nuisance over the rain, you might want to “hold umbrellas” for them and offer safe options to get to you and your business to them. 

This includes postings like delivery options, additional service for waterproofing products, digital-first initiatives like going online or promoting websites, and even emphatic reminders and advisory regarding transportation time or any inconveniences. These are still contents that can make a difference. 

A Rainy Background

For social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it’s aesthetics, aesthetics, AESTHETICS

You have to admit, canvasses and images with a rain situation as background invoke emotions and nostalgia. Anchor images, and with the right filter and caption, you can have a very provocative post altogether. 

Approaches like these transform your post online into a shared experience that will garner engagements and reach. For warm and cozy businesses like cafes or bars, a cup of coffee with cake and a window with rainy sleek solidifies the warmth and comfort online. Even if your business does not have nostalgia in its branding, a slight tweak in the caption and object of focus can help. 

Turn Rain Drops to Rate Drops

There is always a promo for every season, especially the monsoon season. Discounts and promos like Rainy Day Sales or clearance sales for summer products that won’t do well in the rain will get customers flooding in. 

Plan and see in your inventory and operations if your store can provide decent discounts, even freebies, and help change tides from gloomy weather to a joyful one for your customers and patrons. 


Summer may be over, but your brand will stay afloat on the rainy days when you’re always banking on content that makes the rain a shower of opportunities for your business to grow. 

Take these tips on your content board and see a rainbow at the end.

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