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Serving Up Success: Most Inviting Holiday Campaigns in Food and Dining Businesses

The holiday season brings an allure of delicious treats and heartwarming feasts, making it the perfect time for food and dining businesses to entice your taste buds and ignite our festive spirits.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a delectable journey through some of the best examples of holiday ads for F&B businesses. As we explore these great holiday campaigns, you’ll discover how businesses have embraced the spirit of the holidays and used it to make a great invitation to eager customers.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner seeking inspiration for your next holiday campaign, or someone who appreciates what great food and clever marketing can evoke during the holidays, this blog can be your inspiration for the most delectable and heartwarming holiday ads.

Aperitif.ph – New Flavors for the Holidays

We think of specific dishes that are always included in any Christmas celebration. It can be ham, macaroni salad, queso de bola, or gingerbread house. The holiday season is a perfect time to launch something similar or thematic.
In this awareness ad, Aperitif launched a new Christmas-themed cookie, all in signature celebration colors, matcha and red velvet.

What we love about this ad is the showcase of the product itself and the satisfying cross-section display of the cookie dough. It’s visually straight to the point, in season, and is the perfect gifting idea for the holidays.

Graze & Deli PH – Spread The Holiday

Here’s a perfect gift idea for the Holiday season. Graze and Deli spreads awareness of their products and official website featuring wonderfully ensemble charcuterie boxes embellished with Christmas-themed layouts.

A good takeaway from this ad is including the CTA button “Shop Now” which lands on their website where you can browse all available charcuterie options for delivery. Headline and description are also a great way to gain new customers by creating a connection. People want to feel part of an exclusive community and including “Over 4,000 happy customers” can make you want to take part as well.

Giron’s Original Bibingka & PutoBumbong Specials

This local dessert brand is here to remind us that this season you can indulge your sweet cravings without going out or preparing it yourself. Let’s be honest, your favorite kakanin can be tedious to make but this business is here to provide you with a convenient alternative.

Their ad ticks the boxes of being on season, providing special offers, and ease by providing different delivery options as well as walk-in. All that while including their USP that the products are made of pure and quality ingredients and no food coloring. I’d say that’s a good use of maximizing the advantage of Facebook ads.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines – #TogetherThisSeason

Is CBTL embarking on the holiday season by creating excitement for a new product or offer? The brand wants to spark curiosity as they launch a sequence of teaser ads for their Christmas campaign #TogetherThisSeason.

Something to take away from this video ad is the clever use of closeups of their signature frappe sprinkled with crunchies highlighting that this season will be its Crunch Season. Of course, the Christmas theme jingles in the background, and elements are there to complete the theme. Who’s excited about the special reveal?

Jollibee – Make it Christmas with Jollibee Joy

We all know that emotion sells. Jollibee continues its tradition of spreading joy to everyone. True to the ad they launched recently for holiday revamp, it features family and friends smiling together. This creates a sense of belongingness and trust towards the brand. The video also captures pleasure and satisfaction with the sight of their signature menu which also evokes wanting the same contentment from the audience’s perspective. It’s very in time and who doesn’t want to be happy with your loved ones this holiday season?

KFC – Christmas Bucket Meal

Which brand from the food industry would not take advantage of awaited Christmas deals? KFC recently launched its holiday campaign on Twitter with its promoted hashtag #KFCBucketSZN or read as KFC Bucket Season. You got that?

The ad also featured its seasonal item on the menu “Colonel’s Belgian Bites” for dessert to pair with its signature bucket meal. Overall, the campaign and its creative direction can give a familiar and fun Christmas party feel.

The holiday season, with its magical charm, provides the perfect canvas for food-related businesses to weave stories about shared moments and heartwarming connections.

In these ads, it’s not just about selling the products and their features, we’ve also witnessed the power of emotions, the art of captivating visuals, and well-crafted messages to evoke the spirit of the holidays. It’s not just about the meal, it’s also about creating memories this season. Here’s to savoring the magic of the season through the delectable lens of holiday advertising!

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