MarkeThinkers Podcast Episode #001: Dealing with Crisis on Social Media

25 June 2021

“To be effective in crisis management in the digital age means being able to use social media strategically. There is no crisis management today without a full understanding of how to use new media to listen to conversations around your brand in real-time, and understand what you do and don’t need to respond to.” – Chris Syme, author of Listen, Engage, Respond blogs at

In episode #1, we discussed what a social media crisis is and how it should be addressed. It should be noted that the sentiments of people matter the most right now.

Why? The power of Internet users can make or break the reputation of the biggest brands, with just a single click on social media! Scary, isn’t it? Jollibee fried towel; does it ring a bell?

Tune in to this podcast to know more about the story and how it was solved.

To have an idea of how social media crises should be averted, if not addressed, then lend us your 30 minutes!

In this pilot episode, we’ll dive into the effects of a social media crisis, how to connect with empathy, the listening skills marketers can apply to their content, and more. ⁠

Time-stamped Shownotes:

[1:25] What is a social media crisis?
[2:35] Why should brands address a social media crisis?
[3:50] Notable brands addressing their online crisis.
[15:16] Is taking advantage of another brand’s crisis strategic?
[18:04] Should a brand have a special response team for a social media crisis?
[19:03] Special response team and their responsibilities
[21:49] Carefully manage what’s being said about your brand
[23:14] Proper timing in addressing a social media crisis is a must
[25:02] From an audience’s perspective, is complaining online a good move?
[27:52] Steps in dealing with a social media crisis.
[28:32] Importance of listening.
[28:55] That’s it!
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