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Fun, Festive, Fabulous: Holiday Marketing Tips for Aesthetic Centers

It’s the holidays! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make the most of the festive season. The holidays are a peak season for purchasing, and its marketing potential to help attract new clients and boost sales for your aesthetic center is endless! Let our expert tips help you create a captivating holiday marketing strategy so your brand can shine as bright as Christmas lights and stand out from competitors.

The Beauty and Aesthetics Online Community

Thanks to social media, the beauty and aesthetics industry revolutionized how they engage with their customers and reach new audiences. Be it through new platforms or new personalities like influencers. The industry has built a prominent platform that can reach millions of people across the globe. With such a big reach, small businesses and brands find it difficult to get to the spotlight, but holidays are the perfect time to try and put yourself out there! There’s no doubt that the beauty and aesthetics community comes alive during the holiday season. But leveraging such festive enthusiasm in your digital marketing strategy might be your time to shine! So tap into the holiday spirit and check out some holiday strategies that are great for brands in the aesthetics industry!

Holiday Campaigns that are Best for Beauty and Aesthetics

It might be mind-boggling to think of marketing campaigns that are out of the box if you’re in the aesthetics industry. Aesthetics is all about the look, so undoubtedly, holiday-themed creatives are essential, but sometimes that’s not enough! So what else could you do? Holidays are all about giving, but beauty can’t be put in a wrapped box and gifted, can it? Worry not! We’ve prepared some tips that help your campaign rise to the occasion and get into the fabulous Christmas spirit. 

Gift purchases

People are shopping for presents for their loved ones over the holiday season. Capitalize on this rise in demand and take it to your advantage! It’s an excellent opportunity to grow your sales by promoting your goods or services as presents. It’s best to do this using gift cards or gift certificates of aesthetic services that would fit various personalities. Make gift cards for anti-aging treatments that would be great for adults of all ages, or make gift certificates that would be fitting for younger women and pin them at the top of your profile during the holiday season.

Festive Packages

The holiday rush gets people pressed for time as they prepare for countless festivities. Make their lives easier by bundling products or services that complement each other to make Festive packages! Customers love it when they find everything they need in one package, saving them time and effort. Plus, bundling services together creates the perception of value and savings for customers, too. For example, you can bundle a head-to-toe package where it’s the ultimate comprehensive beauty experience. Give them a win-win option that’s surely enticing, and angle it as the perfect way to prepare for holiday snaps, too!

Limited Time Offers

Book now! Don’t wait! Limited slots! This approach attracts customers who fear missing out on a great deal or exclusive holiday products. It also lets your customers know there’s a sense of urgency and scarcity. All of these factors are what make limited offers compel customers to make quicker purchasing decisions. Let’s say you have a special offer on microneedling for this month. Highlight it, let your customers know that you have limited slots, and add that send a message button! You could say you’re taking advantage of impulsive buying.

Loyalty Perks

Competition is fierce during the holidays, and retaining your existing customers is as important as gaining new ones. Rewarding and incentivizing repeat business can be crucial for long-term success. With aesthetics treatments mostly needing more than one appointment, this strategy is of great advantage to the aesthetics industry. Angle on your current customer’s trust in your brand and with contests or special offers exclusive to returning/loyal customers only. For instance, your Facebook top fans have a special discount on their next appointment and a free facial on top of it!

Contests and Giveaways

Everyone’s attention is divided during the holiday season, so it’s best to go all out with something that would catch your customers’ sight. There is no better way to do so than with online contests and giveaways that generate high levels of engagement. It’s also a great way to rise to the occasion. The holidays are, after all, the season of giving. Show how generous your brand is with this act of goodwill that would either only benefit your customers, or you can even include a charity! This approach is also a great way to garner user-generated content. You can add to your mechanics for your audience to share or comment on their favorite beauty treatment or show their before and after photos with your treatments.

Take Inspiration from these Holiday Campaigns

Now, let’s take some notes on some existing holiday campaigns that took effect and impacted the aesthetic industry’s audience. Notice which strategy was used, see how each brand added its twist to it, and take inspiration so you can deliver yours better!

Elf Cosmetics’ 30-second Unboxing Challenge

Elf Cosmetics launched this ingenious challenge that went viral. The challenge is to open their holiday box (which is highly difficult to open) featuring 12 surprise products in under 30 seconds. This worked first because of the element of surprise, which is inseparable from the holiday season, and it also falls under the contest strategy, which ignited the audience’s competitiveness. Watch it here

Y.O.U. Beauty’s Holiday Campaign

In line with their brand identity that advocates for long-lasting beauty in quality and inclusive skincare and cosmetics, Y.O.U. Beauty launched their holiday campaign #beYOUtifulholidays, angling on gifting yourself self-love with Y.O.U. Beauty products. Using the gift purchases strategy, Y.O.U. Beauty was able to live up to the holiday’s spirit of love and giving while also selling their products at the same time! Learn more about the campaign by watching the video here.


Combine our tips with your aesthetic center’s brand identity and add the holiday spirit as the cherry on top to effectively connect with the online beauty and aesthetics community! Personalize your strategy to your brand to drive engagement and boost sales during the festive season.

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