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What is Google Analytics 4 and How Significant is it for Digital Marketing?

Recently, Google announced that its Universal Analytics (UA) properties will no longer process data, beginning July 1, 2022. Replacing UA is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) , considered as an upgrade by most digital strategists and a next-generation measurement solution by Google.

In the years passed, UA has started to become redundant, and GA4 is set to correct this with more relevant tools and features to help digital marketers track customer data and predict probabilities more effectively.

After all, an efficient digital-first approach for businesses is ensuring tools adapt to the signs of the times and improve their utilization and processes.

Now, most are afraid to delve into something new, but fret not as we explain to you what GA4 is and how beneficial it can be for your next steps in growing your business and brand online.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Simply put, GA4 is a new kind of property designed for the next generation of data measurement. It’s an advanced step to get your business and brand ahead of the game with the ever changing landscape of digital platforms, website and app features, and social media.

It will measure data by:

  • Collecting both website and app data to paint a clearer picture of the customer journey.
  • Using event-based data instead of session-based.
  • Using privacy controls such as cookie-less measurement, and behavioral and conversion modeling.
  • Predicting probabilities to map out a guide without complex models.
  • Directly integrating to media platforms to aid in driving actions on your website or app.

How does GA4 differ from Universal Analytics?

The key in understanding GA4’s new paths is the difference between (1) session and (2) event. Universal Analytics was thought and created around the concept of sessions or how often a page is viewed, while GA4 is built around the premise of events.

Events is more than just page views, it extends to measuring clicks, form submissions, and even custom events you and your brand creates.

Is GA4 better?

GA4, being an upgrade, is more efficient and simplifies the usual heavy work in collating and measuring data. Specifically, these include:

1. Data streams let you track across both web and app.

Top of GA4 features is its capability to track users across devices and platforms, providing you a far complete picture of how your audience and potential customers behave with and within your brand, on your website, on app, or both.

The secret is what Google calls “data streams”, or the various ‘views’ of your data created based on your preferences. This also means easier tracking on conversions. Less work indeed.

2. Simplified and efficient on probability insights

With UA there is a limit in providing you insights as it only measures platform per platform- this creates various prediction points for businesses and ends up creating more than just one marketing strategy. GA4 consolidates all platforms to create a single canvas of probabilities.

This simplified way to foresee purchase probability and churn means that you can allot your marketing efforts without wasted time especially on ads which often can be tricky and focus on the most likely users who are most likely to convert, purchase, or churn.

3. Deeper understanding of buyers persona and customer journey

Every business and brand’s first line of offense is understanding their users and customers. This does not just provide categories of what type of people they are offering their products or services to, but a peek into their daily lives.

GA4 does not just offer a peek but a full window open to comprehend their buyers’ behavior and their journey towards a business/brand. The usual funnel system done on ads optimization is done on the surface with GA4.

You can easily align your final conversion point and predictions through GA4’s bigger picture, plus, even work on data from the past to see high and pain points you might not be able to see with UA.

4. Better data storage and analysis

GA4 uses BigQuery integration. BigQuery is Google’s cloud-based data warehouse service, in addition, exporting raw event-level data is free. This means advanced analysis of data and almost unlimited storage.

With UA you had to upgrade to GA 360 to extract raw data out, which is costly for small and medium enterprises or SMEs. Now with GA4 you’re assured you can use your historical data in the future.

All set for GA4?

GA4 is a game changer, for businesses/brands who are both new to the digital sphere or are pro in building themselves online. Google, which has been in the forefront of providing automated insights, upgraded event tracking and more to all its users is leading the initial step to brand friendly systems like GA4’s adaptability, through its ‘machine learning’ features, gets to improve as time passes providing better insights in the process.

Moving to GA4 is not something to be worried about, rather something to embrace as it will help you, your business/brand develop more effective strategies and solutions for your digital marketing with efficiently measured data.

Still curious about Google Analytics 4 or additional questions about digital marketing in general? Send us a message and we’ll help you out!

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