Carissa Noromor

Use Labels In Adwords For Better Account Management

It is necessary for both ads and keywords to run on the right amount of time for them to gather data before doing something to optimize them. Ads and keywords should be optimize every now and then because they are the key factors that will affect your account’s performance.
However, as you work on different accounts with Google AdWords, it would be hard for you to remember and determine which ads and keywords had run for long enough time for them to undergo optimization process. It will be hard to keep in mind as well when all your campaigns did start to run. pointed out on it blog the use of AdWords labels in managing AdWords campaigns faster. Following the tips presented on the blog, I came up with the following labels:

  • I use labels for new keywords, ad groups, and even campaigns with the date they started (e.g. Started 07/09). I color them with yellow to easily determine that those with yellow labels are new initiatives.
  • I use labels for keyword and ad testing with a caption “Testing” or “TC” (for Test Copy) and the date they started. I color them with orange.
  • I use labels for highly converting keywords and ads that were paused for testing purposes. I color them with red. You can easily pick them out from all other paused keywords and run again after testing period.
  • I label the most converting ads with the caption “Champion Ad” and color them with green. It is useful in keeping track if your “Champion Ad” is still the highest converting compared to the new ads you experimented.
  • I use labels for those paused keywords and ads. I caption them with the reason why they were paused (e.g. low clicks, low CTR, low conversion). You can review those paused keywords to distinguish keywords that may perform well if you have a bigger budget. For example, those paused keywords with low clicks may perform well if they will have a higher bid to get a better position on the search page.

As you learn to develop the habit of using labels in managing your campaigns, you will notice that it will give you an easier and faster way to optimize your AdWords accounts. Label is not just an additional column in AdWords account. Google AdWords will not include a Label column in AdWords platform for nothing.

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