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TMC Clark’s iMD: Emerge’s Digital Solution for a Safer, Efficient Healthcare Service

The Medical City Clark prides itself as a healthcare institution advocating early detection of illnesses and a safe zone for all patients. As a forefront referral center in Central Luzon, daily management of appointments is vital in ensuring a healthy society during the pandemic’s height and in today’s better normal.

A demanding task but plausible. 

Accompanied by Emerge’s digital solution, TMC Clark accepted the challenge, anchoring online patient presence. Understandably, with lockdowns and travel limitations being implemented, people became scared of getting check-ups or visiting hospitals to get an appointment. TMC Clark and Emerge constructed a simple, easy, and safe way to check the doctors’ availability, assess their options, and book an appointment through iMD – an online booking system.

Patients are more digitally-inclined even before the pandemic, and now that we’re easing up safety protocols. An online appointment scheduling service gives them the freedom and opportunity to choose their doctors after learning about their specialization and other information, including their clinic schedule and HMO accreditation, before actually setting an appointment.

The system simplifies the scheduling system for patients with their doctors. Kevin Alfonso, TMC Clark Assistant Marketing Manager, pointed out how iMD service became a new “moment of truth” for the hospital. 

“Even before going to the facility or experiencing any actual patient care, with iMD, patients are getting that elevated patient partnership experience with TMC Clark that makes such experience unique compared with other providers,” added Alfonso.

iMD raised the bar for providing initial diagnostic, outpatient treatment, and surgical care access. During the pandemic, many patients resort to self-diagnosis, googling their symptoms, and unfortunately, this results in self-medication, which can worsen their illness. With iMD, they can get the check-up they need without any risks of getting COVID-19, lessening their travel, and addressing concerns if they have a hard time reaching TMC Clark hotlines, especially during an influx of patients calls.

This is part and parcel of TMCC’s advocacy that patients should never delay or put on hold matters of health and Emerge’s mission in striving to improve customer experience by using digital innovations.

It doesn’t end there. As patients book with iMD, TMC Clark’s Customer Service and Red Coat Ambassadors are committed to delivering end-to-end assistance. If there are unexpected delays or cancellations on their doctor’s appointments, the latter is there to provide alternatives and work on adjustments. 

A beneficial scheme as the community slides into the post-pandemic phase. 

This collaboration between TMC Clark and Emerge proves the reality that digital-first is the new rule to a society where businesses and services must adapt and shift their focus on digital solutions, not only for business growth but to provide the necessary services to thrive during difficult times.

“Working with a reliable partner like Emerge gives us that feeling of reassurance. We encountered some challenges like frequent changes in doctors’ schedules, the influx of patients accessing the platform that may occur during the surge, confusion among the end-users, but Emerge was there to save our day. The commitment and concern not only to the project or TMC Clark but also to our patients make a service provider like Emerge a lifetime business partner that you can always rely on.” relayed Alfonso. 

iMD service is not just a project but a result of common objectives that TMC Clark and Emerge share- ensuring people of worthwhile care rooted in excellence, compassion, and innovation.

Digital-First Is The New Rule