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Have you been scrolling through your social media feed and feeling the summer vibes already? Videos of refreshing sips, beaches, a #GRWM reel as they prepared for the beach trip, someone receiving a #Summer package and doing an unboxing video, and much more are all there, flooding your screen.

Have you been caught up being coaxed to click the “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons or plan your next vacation destination? That’s the power of authentic storytelling in action — the Short-Form Video Ads.

These short-form videos have emerged as the crown jewel of social media marketing strategies, labeled as the current social media format that delivers the highest ROI and will secure you more investment in 2024 and beyond!

As savvy marketers, tapping into this goldmine of authenticity and engagement is the way to go. This summer, it’s high-time to harness short-form videos to elevate your #SUMMERKETING game and more so, power up your bookings! Ready? Let’s dive deep into snaps, sun-kisses, and sales

Why Short-Form Video Arises

Short-form videos are squeezed-in visuals, music, and messaging that typically stretch optimally within 60 seconds. They are bite-sized, easily digestible, and easy to scroll through and view several times.

Do you know that social media users retain 95% of a message watched via a video compared to only 10% read via text? As consumers, these are 2.5x more engaging.

And, more numbers have proven and spoken volumes:

  • 44% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service via short video content.
  • Specifically for the travel and tourism industry, research shows that these have become the preferred way to market their niches and engage with their target market.

Gone are the days of staged photoshoots and meticulously crafted advertising campaigns that seem forced.. consumers today crave real-life experiences. Videos can ultimately bring this out through emotional engagement, which has the power to evoke emotions. It can also transport the viewers into the destination per se through storytelling and virtual experience — allowing them to immerse in soundscapes and everything exciting that awaits them to experience.

How Short-Form Videos Give You Long-Form #SUMMERKETING Success

Dive into the Details, Tailor Experiences

Part out your business into bite-sized pieces, each video focusing on various facets. May it be that #instagrammable summer corner, breathtaking views from the hotel or resort, your exquisite cuisine or drinks offerings as perfect #summersips, or the most intricate details of it. Highlight those in separate videos, catering to the varying interests of your market and keeping them engaged. 

And one more thing: Customize those videos for couples, families, business professionals, solo travelers, or guests. Remember, personalize as you visualize!

CTA: Click-through… AUTHENTICITY through UGCs

When was the last time you booked the trip after your favorite artist or influencer posted a reel showing the perfect summer abode to spend your vacation too? That’s User-Generated Content (UGC). It is shared by real, authentic people who embrace authentic experiences.

To note, according to a survey from Stackla, 86% of consumers believe that when you are authentic, you’ll probably gain a huge chunk of support.

Take Hilton Hotels, for example. They were ahead of the game before the trend emerged with their winning #HiltonStory Campaign in 2014. The result? Their Instagram followers skyrocketed to 191K plus! They have humanized travel while promoting their services.

GoPro, too. They have mastered the art of UGC—turning their customers into content creators. Their social media channels are also buzzing with videos filmed by their customers, the GoPro users, which have racked up a whopping 400 million views and even higher!

Be a Master of Each Element

Get the perfect hang of the short-form videos’ brevity. Remember, these videos thrive on it — so you shall make every second of it count! Make it concise yet impactful — from the visuals, music, and snappy captions.

When you use a perfect blend of music, footage, and text overlays, short-form videos emerge your business’ ambiance and vibe in a way that text or image descriptions can’t.

Finding the right content mix (don’t be afraid to experiment!) will do the authentic trick.

Maximize Short-Form Videos on trends and beyond! 

The power of short-form videos extends far and wide—as vast as your resort’s infinity pool and premises! So make the most of it by applying it to your seasonal specials, promotional offers, and exclusive Summer deals. Couple this with more video series about your satisfied guests’ reviews, testimonials, or features, as well as some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of your business’ employees, facilities, and so on!

Top 3 Best Short-Form Video Platforms That Waves Best Results 

[Source: CrowdRiff’s 2024 Trends Report]

With so many platforms today, choosing one that shall serve as the best avenue for your short-form videos is crucial. Hence, here’s the top three platforms, according to the CrowdRiff’s 2024 Trends Report you should watch out for, that can help you boost your business’ awareness and engagements and balloon your bookings:

  • TikTok: Yes, it is the ultimate playground for short-form video enthusiasts. Based on engagement rate, it is the most engaging social platform.

It’s where the summer party’s at, with over a billion active users in a month! You can utilize quick snippets and clips as short as a few seconds and more. Here’s a quick fact: 55% of TikTok users have bought a product or service after seeing the brand on the app.

  • Instagram: On Instagram, reels, clocking in at 15 seconds to 90 seconds long, generate 2x more reach than other content types on the app.. It’s also been the top social media platform for ROI, engagement, and lead generation.
  • YouTube has been a treasure trove for tourism videos. You can upload shorts to quickly peek at destination guides, travel vlogs, and more. YouTube Shorts garner an average of 70 billion views daily worldwide!

Achieve Sun-Kissed Success with Short-Form Videos with Emerge!

Change is inevitable—so are platforms. But as we see today, short-form videos are here to stay. 

As summer vibes are in full swing, take this cue to amplify your #SUMMERKETING strategies through short-form videos, and discover what Emerge can do to help your brand slay with sales!

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