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Stay Top of Mind With Your Leads by doing this 3 Smart Things🧐

Are you struggling on how to stay on top of mind with your customers?

Is your goal to educate leads and guide them through the buyer’s journey?

After prospects have visited your website, called, or emailed you, they’ve converted into leads. But these leads might not ready to make a purchasing decision.

That’s why you need to find ways to convert them to influence to make a purchase decision.

HubSpot highlights the 5 stages of the customer buying cycle and shows you exactly how to leverage each stage.

How to Stay Top of Mind With Your Leads
How to Stay Top of Mind With Your Leads

InboundWorks grouped the 5 stages to 3 stages for a simpler and more meaningful model.

Awareness stage is the first opportunity to connect with your audience. The impression you will make in this stage will make a whole lot difference when moves to the second (evaluation) stage.

If you win the second stage, your target audience will finally make purchase (final stage).

But what if your leads did not make a purchase? Are you just going to sit and do nothing?

Your leads have expressed initial interest in your company so the next thing to do is you need you need to continue to stay top of mind with them throughout their purchase process.

That way when the time does come for them to make a decision, you’re the company they choose.

So let’s look at three smart ways to attract and stay top of mind with your leads:

Bring Them Back With Retargeting

How to Stay Top of Mind With Your Leads

In definition, retargeting also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.

It happens after leads have visited your website. Retargeting ads are ads that follow you everywhere. It reminds your leads of your business so they return to your website.

Let’s have a good example here.

Let’s say you’re a real estate broker in Angeles City, Pampanga and a prospective new home buyer visits your website.

After reading several pages on your site, he leaves your website and visits other potentially unrelated sites across the web. Because he has already visited your site, the retargeting technology can identify him as an interested shopper and show your display ad to him as he continues to surf the web.

It’s a perfect opportunity to re-engage him with a promotional offer like “10% Discount on Equity” and a strong call to action like “Book Your Free Site Tripping Today” so he will click the ad and return to your website.

By staying top of mind with your lead while he was in the consideration phase, you can encourage him take another step toward becoming a customer.

Call Your Leads Back Quickly Before They Lose Interest

Did you know that most consumers buy from the businesses that respond back to them first?

Your audience becomes a lead when they act on what you want them to do.

For example, you’re a real estate broker and you advertise an open house. When a potential customer clicks your ad, it will be redirected to a landing page where there’s an obvious contact form to capture pertinent information such as name, email address, and contact number.

After you receive the information, the next thing to do is follow up on them as soon as possible by calling them and asking more questions.

For instance, did they want to set an appointment for a free site tripping?

Do they need pricing information, etc.? This information not only enables you to help your lead, it also gives you background information you can use in follow-up communications.

Nurture Them With Emails

Do you know that the first email was sent 45 years ago?

Email serves a purpose until now when it comes to marketing and closing sales leads.

They are a great way to stay top of mind with your leads and previous customers.

Here are the reasons why email is great for nurturing your leads:
Cost effective

Most of us have email addresses,
It’s something personal,
You can go back to an email every now and then Emails can be customized.

Follow up your consumers with great stuff about your business.

To give you an idea what type of follow-up emails you can send to your leads, here they are:

  • Links to relevant industry articles
  • Alerts about upcoming sales and special promotions
  • News about your products and services
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Updates about your company’s culture

That’s it

By providing timely, personal, and helpful information, chances are you can convert your prospects into sales.

A comprehensive CRM software would be a big help to keep you updated about each of your lead.

How do you stay top of mind with your leads?

What’s your current process in keeping your leads warm?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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