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PSAU partners with Emerge; talks Digital Marketing Schemes for Aqua-Agribusiness Industry

Aqua-industries and agribusinesses tend to rely more on non-digital and established business growth strategies making digital marketing more of an accessory. But with Emerge’s “Digital First is the New Rule” initiative, adapting in today’s digitized community while growing business identity in the farming and fisheries sector, digital marketing fundamentally encapsulates its future. 

Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU), in Magalang, Pampanga, recently established Sibul Agri-Aqua Technology Business Incubation (Sibul-ATBI) under the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) which aims to support the use of mature technologies in the sector by establishing and developing viable agribusinesses through technology incubation.

PSAU partnered with Emerge to conduct training and mentorship series focusing on marketing strategies for startup aqua-agribusinesses and challenges in modern times.

PSAU, in partnership with Emerge, held a seminar/workshop on “Effective Marketing Strategies for Startup Business and Overcoming Difficulties in Today’s Aqua and Agribusiness Industry” via Zoom on December 16, 2021.

Ms. Carissa Coles, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder, shared her insights on the significance of digital marketing, branding, and digital marketing strategies. 

Emerge, a prime mover of digital entrepreneurship, understands that the Philippines is a country that has vast agricultural resources. Thus, it is proper for farmers, fisherfolks, and agripreneurs who run micro to large-scale farms and aspiring agricultural business owners to be equipped with various services and resources that will allow them to attain favorable returns in terms of technology commercialization.

Sibul-ATBI conferred that “in pursuit to operate our incubator efficiently in the months to come, our team led by Mr. Christian Manalac and I endeavored to dive deep into business-related subject matters, one of which is branding and marketing for startups. This being said, we contacted Emerge to facilitate this workshop. We are grateful, of course, to Emerge, who lent their time and shared knowledge with our young team.” 

“May this simple activity prosper into something more – a possible partnership or collaboration with the agency – so that we could better cater marketing services to our to-be agripreneurs.” Sibul-ATBI added.

Learn more about ATBI and more. If you work in the agribusiness or aqua-industry, a farmer, fisherfolk, or agricultural land owner and want to know more about digital marketing and related services check with us at Emerge

Digital-First Is The New Rule