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Emerge Names New CEO, Unveils 10-Year Vision of Client-Centricity and Innovation

Pampanga, 08 May 2024 — Emerge, the trailblazing digital marketing powerhouse in Central Luzon, with a stellar record of success in elevating various brands’ online presence, proudly announces the appointment of Ms. Carissa Coles Noromor, Certified Professional Marketer (CPM Philippines), as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Ms. Noromor, spanning over a decade (and counting) in the digital and social media marketing arena, has dynamically built an illustrious career. From being a copywriter for an e-commerce company in 2011, she transitioned into an SEO Specialist seamlessly, managing various websites for consumer electronic products, and then became the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Emerge. Her passion for delivering immediate results paved the way for her to specialize in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where she excelled in delivering impactful campaigns and driving long-term growth.

As Ms. Noromor brings forth her plethora of expertise and experiences that will ultimately usher Emerge into the future, she emphasizes the agency’s tenacious commitment to the new marketing rule: omnichannel marketing, along with the 10-year vision plan.

“Our plan revolves around our new manifesto: ‘Omnichannel marketing is the way to go!’” she affirmed.“

Ms. Noromor also discusses the advantages and opportunities that await Emerge’s clients, focusing on delivering game-changing campaigns that yield future-forward outcomes. As she said, “Our goal is to make our clients love us and stay with us forever. The clients will expect campaigns that stand out and deliver results.

She added, “We will help our clients succeed on digital and traditional media as well.”

Under her captaincy, Ms. Noromor envisioned leveraging technology as the solid anchor of Emerge’s success, as she explained, “The future of Emerge is rooted in technology. Over the next decade, we plan to collaborate with brands and agencies to enhance marketing assets through our proprietary tools.”

The decision to set a new CEO on board is rooted in the agency’s strategic and long-term objectives. Emerge’s now Chairman and Founder, Richard Noromor, confidently noted Ms. Noromor’s readiness, capability, and zeal to further cement Emerge’s position in the industry.

“Carissa Noromor is ready to take Emerge to the next level. Our 5-year and 10-year plans align with this new direction. Carissa is in charge of solidifying the agency’s mark in this industry by improving all facets of agency management,” Mr. Noromor said. 

He added, “The role of the new CEO is to scale the agency through a malasakit-driven culture, world-class account management, branding & positioning, and award-winning campaigns.”

Further, Mr. Noromor underscored the significance of Ms. Carissa’s leadership in championing women’s empowerment in the industry, stating, “Women are at the forefront of leadership today — wherever industry one is in. And Carissa’s appointment testifies our commitment to inclusion, equality, and diversity.”

With Ms. Noromor at the helm, Emerge is primed to continue its legacy of excellence in the field of marketing and beyond.

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