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Milk Tea Advertisement | How to Advertise Milk Tea in Social Media

If you are a milk tea lover, you will probably have come across most popular milk tea social media profiles or had seen their milk tea advertisement. Or you may have seen them on lamp posts – basically, they’re everywhere at the moment.

We think these milk tea companies are winning at social media content, and here are a few reasons why. Brands wanting to up their social media game, listen up:

Add some personality

All brands from milk tea companies to law firms need to think about their personality and how they want to be perceived. The key is to know your audience, own your brand identity, and maintaining the tone of all marketing and advertising surrounding the brand, as well as how they connect with their target audiences(s).

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice’s social media managers have got this down. Their brand personality is fresh, fun, straightforward and hits the Filipino nail on the head. They’re relatable.

Social media tip: Keep some personality, but not one-person-at-the-company’s personality. During any social media planning and strategy sessions, decide what kind of persona is right for you.

Get the creative juices flowing (now)

It almost goes without saying, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content is obviously an enormous part of social media that we can’t deny. It’s usually the first thing that people notice about a brand. We feel mixed emotions —lowered stress levels, feelings of love, trust, empathy, and generosity—comes with people loving and connecting with a brand compared to being put off completely.

Dakasi has bright and sharp colors and its content is consistent. They didn’t focus on just their product but also the space around it.

(Even this picture has scattered yellow stuff is effective.)

Inject the pop culture

The term “pop culture” or popular culture is determined by the interactions between people in their everyday life activities. The most common categories of pop culture are entertainment (music, film, TV), sports, politics, fashion, and technology.

Popular culture and the latest trends move fast in the world of social media. Though, it’s not necessary to jump on every single social media trend or hashtag that you see, maximizing the ones that are relevant to your brand can make a difference in increasing your reach.

In this post of Tiger Sugar Philippines, they put the pop in popular culture by featuring Game of Thrones in their Milk Tea Advertisement.

Putting the spotlight to the customer

It’s been proven that people like photos of people. In EmergeLocal, we call them “candid photos”. Brands who focus on including people in their photos and updates or sneak peek tend to have higher engagement than those who purely promote products.

Below is an example of a post that focuses on people, Chatime showcase their people-centric post by featuring a curated post from one of their customers.

Cuddly Bear

Pardon us, we had to include this one. Who isn’t fascinated with teddy bears in offices, #bringyourteddybeartoworkschoolday, teddy bear in the kitchen…Okay, you get it.

Macao Imperial Tea takes an effort to have a giant teddy bear in one of their stores. Of course, a customer can’t help but hug it.

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