MarkeThinkers Podcast Episode 11: Picking a Niche That Thrives with Rachel Jaro of Cimmaroon Photography

10 June 2022

Welcome back to the MarkeThinkers Podcast and now we’re on our Season 2. For episode 11, we are joined by a web developer and entrepreneur Rachel Jaro. Rachel is the founder of Cimmaroon Photography and has over 11k followers on their Facebook page. In this episode, Rachel shares her advice for newbie photographers looking to turn their passion or side hustle into a thriving business. She shares her journey with her business and her growth in newborn and maternity photography. Rachel also shares stories of how she overcame challenges during the beginning of the pandemic when there was limited mobility. If you’re interested in starting a photography business, or are looking for advice for your existing one, this episode is packed with advice for you.

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Show Notes:

  • Meet Rachel! Where her experience when she transitioned from a web developer to managing a creative-centric business.
  • How picking a niche in the photography business is crucial when starting out.
  • Her first client came from a referral and the reaction and challenges she experienced.
  • The biggest challenges Rachel faced as a business owner during the pandemic.
  • The impact of COVID on her business and how did she survive.
  • The marketing strategies she’s doing right now to continuously get bookings.
  • Her future plans for herself and Cimmaroon Photography.
  • Rachel gives advice to photographers who want to build a photography studio business. 

Discussed in this episode:

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