MarkeThinkers Podcast Episode #008: Mastering a Fully Remote Team Collaboration

Our storyboard master, Harold Bacani, heated his seat in a fun and light discussion on the eight-episode!

He shared his experiences and added insights on how they were able to master collaborating and connecting remotely. 

Transitioning may never be easy, but taking concrete steps towards the changes you are going into will enable you to have a smooth working condition and a stable relationship with your team.

Learn the practices, apps, platforms, and channels to use to work from home conveniently!

Time-stamped Shownotes:

[1:53] Guess introduction
[3:37] Emerge’s brief background
[7:18] Things to consider when working remotely in an agency
[12:09] The current set-up of our team
[15:32] Staying productive while working with a team remotely
[23:22] Making sure that everyone is aligned
[30:54] Apps to use to ensure successful remote team collaboration
[34:47] Changes from working in an office environment to working remotely
[44:11] Dealing with clients remotely
[50:12] Key takeaways

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