MarkeThinkers Podcast Episode #007: Launching a Social Media Campaign: Where to Begin and the Best Practice

13 October 2021

In episode 07, we sit down with our very own fairy + queen social media campaign specialist, Fenina Gerero, and we get into it.⁠

She shares all her best tips and tricks for launching a social media campaign and the best practices that go into it. Spoiler alert: you’ll hear the word “desperate” many times. 

⁠⁠⁠If you weren’t sure about launching a campaign to a whole new level, you should listen to this episode.

Know the steps in creating a campaign, learn what tools and apps are commonly used, see how the speakers unravel all there is to know about social media campaigns.

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Time-stamped Shownotes:

[1:47] Guest Introduction
[3:09] Defining social media campaign
[6:18] Steps in planning a social media campaign
[9:09] Factors to consider when planning a social media campaign
[11:00] Doing promotional and non-promotional postings
[13:41] Tools and apps used for creating a campaigns
[19:19] Allocating promotional and non-promotional posts in a campaign
[22:27] Best practices to do during months without contents
[27:54] Best practices for post-campaign launch
[33:10] Examples of successful social media campaigns
[43:27] Fast Talk with the Guest
[41:50] Key Takeaways 

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