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Instagram Ads Best Practices That Can Drive Results in 2023

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over one billion active users. It has been then known as a means to discover new brands. The social media app has proved its potential to help boost business campaign results. Eventually, companies started to tap into advertising with Instagram. Even small businesses use the app to gain a niche.

Ever wonder how to succeed in advertising on Instagram? Knowing the best practices for Instagram ads will be helpful to your marketing campaign. Here are some advertising strategies that could improve your results for your business this year.

Use Compelling Visuals

When it comes to Instagram advertising, visually engaging content is the key. Compelling visual content gives users reasons to engage with your brand, follow your business and eventually buy from you.

The images should be of high quality and well-lit. Choose colors that are striking or complementary. Showcase the unique selling point of a product to grab attention. It is best to use images that are concept-driven. Think how the messaging will resonate to your audience.

With our experience running ads for Instagram, boosting visually appealing posts for engagements can also help drive visits to their profile or website. This strategy can help increase your follower count in the long run.

Get Your Brand Noticed Within 3 Seconds

Immediately capture interest by showing the unique selling proposition of your brand. The first few seconds of the ad can make or break audience retention. Provide a hook as soon as possible. It is essential to showcase the selling point from the start. Make your customer stay and tune in further to your offer. 

Create a reason to keep your audiences watching by providing striking visual elements. Keep them intrigued with teasers on what is about to come.

Start Adapting to Reels

Short-form videos are one of the creative catalysts for social media advertising right now. Once Tiktok popularized the video format, Youtube capitalized on the trend by introducing Youtube Shorts. It is not a surprise that Instagram evolved and launched an equivalent which is known as Reels.

According to the 2022 Performance Marketing Summit of Meta, Reels take up 20% of the time on the platform. In the 2nd quarter of last year, the format saw a 30% increase in engagement. It can be cost-effective and lower cost per acquisition by 23% and boost impressions by 60%.
This type of video format has since then captured Gen Z’s attention. It is encouraged to invest in Reels right now. More and more audiences consume bite-sized and quick information on the internet. Reels are for the mobile device. Vertical videos made it easier to produce user-generated content, plus there are various ways to make it with a lesser budget by collaborating with creators or using Lofi.

Videos ads without audio

Videos on Instagram play on mute by default. Make your video ads as striking as possible from the get-go. Use a visual element to tell a narrative. Ensure potential customers do not scroll past your ad and improve retention.

Using closed captions can make sure they can understand the content as possible. Plus, this ensures accessibility to those with hearing problems for inclusivity. Closed captions can also enhance the viewing experience for people in different environments.

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram users post random mundane seconds of their daily lives using Stories. This feature is a 15 seconds viewable full-screen photo or video post that disappears within 24 hours.

Using stories is ideal for mobile screens. You can tap on a story ad to visit a website from the platform. Since almost 500 million users view Instagram every day, engagements using this format are often higher.

It feels more immersive than in-feed ads at the full-screen vertical video for mobile devices. There are various ways to use the format using Instagram’s built-in features like GIFs and stickers for interactivity. Turn the best-performing organic posts and boost them into stories.

Keep Testing and See What Works

The best way to know if your ads deliver results is to check into analytics. Instagram for business has built-in features that measure key performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, engagements, and ROI.

Using Ads Manager in Meta Business Suite can help determine your next step for your advertising campaigns. Insights features come with data that lets you know the performance of your ads.

There are ways to find a strategy that can work for your business. Consider incorporating different ad formats like video ads, story ads, carousel ads, collections, and more. It will only depend on the results and the business goals you want to achieve.

Key takeaways

Instagram Ads are a great way for your business to reach wider audiences in a quick strategic way. This platform can be an effective marketing tool. By doing so, work on your images and videos and guarantee your ads have unique and compelling content. Try mobile-first, experiment with multiple features and strategies, keep looking for trends, and run separate marketing campaigns for different audiences. Finally, measure and analyze to see what works best for your brand. This practice can make the most of Instagram ads and stay ahead in digital marketing. 

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