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How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp

Is creating a Facebook ad mockup part of your entire planning and strategy process?

Looking for way to share it with your boss or client without trying to screenshot every single ad you’ve created?

There’s now a solution.

Featuring Facebook’s new tool – Creative Hub.

What is Creative Hub

The Creative Hub allows you to create mockups for any Facebook or Instagram ad unit easily.

It’s first tested to more than 30 years agencies to build a revolutionary experience that’s now ready for the entire industry to use.

Here are what people say about the Creative Hub,

“Using tools like Creative Hub to better understand and explore innovative advertising products helps us to push creative boundaries. This is especially important if we want to adapt quickly to new technology(s) to create ground-breaking work.” – Julian Cole, Head of Communications Planning at BBDO

“To be able to use this tool to build adverts in situ on Facebook and Instagram makes it much easier for us to present ideas in the way that people experience them, and ultimately helps enable our clients’ brands to connect to their audience.” – James Temple, EVP MD Executive Creative Director EMEA, R/GA

“Creative Hub has streamlined the process of producing concepts for Facebook and Instagram, saving us time, providing a consistent framework and the magic of demoing creative to clients on their mobile devices.” – Sam Gibbs, Emerging Technologies Director, Grey London

As an advertiser that creates and manages display or social campaigns, creating mockups is crucial in ensuring that the vision and goal of an ad unit is there when you bring ad creative to life.

Creative Hub’s list of supported Current Mockup ad units

The Creative Hub allows you to create mockups for any Facebook or Instagram ad unit easily.


  • Carousel Ad
  • Canvas Ad
  • Video Ad
  • 360 Video Ad
  • Video Link Ad
  • Slideshow Ad
  • Image Ad
  • Website Link Ad


  • Instagram Stories
  • Image Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Carousel Ad

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp: Step by Step Instructions

As an example, we will create a website link ad mockup. Let’s walk through a mockup right now.

Note: Make sure you are login to your Ads Manager or Business Manager.

1. Click Creative Hub.

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp

2. Choose Image. Find Facebook Website Link Ad. Then click, Create Mockup.

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp

3. Fill in all the elements of a Facebook or Instagram Ad unit available. If you’ve missed one element, the tool will give you an error message. Below, we put in some example text and imagery for our mockup link ad. Once done, you will see the preview of the ad in different placements: News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Feature Phone, or Right Column Ad.

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp

Protip: To ensure that you’re uploading an image that will pass the Facebook image text rating, we suggest clicking the Image Text Check. 

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp

4. Click Save.

How To Share the Facebook Ad Mockup

Now, you’re set to share the output to your boss or client.

To get the shareable link for a live preview of the ad, click the arrow button.

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp

You’ll see the shareable link for the example ad we’ve created here.

It will show up as “shared by ____ (the name on your Business Manager account). (If you’re using a personal account to log into Business Manager, keep in mind that your name will appear.)

You will also have the option of sending the ad to your mobile device and viewing the ad preview directly in your Facebook app. To do that, check out the screenshot below.

How To Create A Facebook Ad MockUp


That’s it!

You can now create your first mockup.

The only drawback with this tool is there’s no way to automatically import it to Power Editor. But let’s wait and see. Facebook might have this feature in the near future.

For more information, go straight to the source or reach out to EmergeLocal for any social media marketing needs.

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