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15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

We received a great feedback from our first run of inspiring Facebook ad campaigns. Today you’re lucky because we will bring another round.

This time I will show the Facebook ad campaigns of the local brands and international brands that also exist here in the Philippines.

One of the things I’m excited to do when I’m on Facebook is screenshot the ads I see on my newsfeed. I suppose I’ve developed a habit of finding great ads, screenshot them, and save on my Google Drive.

So, whenever I need inspiration, I can refer to my collection of ads any time.

Have you been doing the same thing?

One day, when browsing my collection to look for an inspiration for my ad split testing, I came across so many inspiring ad examples that I couldn’t help wonder. What if I chose 15 Facebook ads and analyzed what makes them so fascinating and persuasive?

Let’s dive into the topic proper and take a look at the 15 amazing Facebook ad campaigns.

#1 Air Asia Philippines – Show me the price

One of the biggest sources of persuasion comes from the price itself. You are putting trust signal on your Facebook ad if you are showing the price of your offer. Air Asia Philippines wants to be trusted which is why the price is visible on their ad’s image.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

The price stands out because of background color. It is also present in the ad’s body copy. Plus, a sense of urgency by using the words “Book NOW until Sunday!” and “Travel NOW ‘till 30 April 2016”.

Are you willing to put your offer’s price on the ad?

#2 Ambi Pur Philippines – Keep it short

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Ambi Pur Philippines is one of the ads I’ve seen on Facebook that has a short description. It’s straightforward and easy-to-read. It also utilizes text overlaid on top of their creative to further their message! People are more likely to notice words on top of an eye-catching image than just plain text on a post.

A shorter ad copy doesn’t require people to devote much of their time reading your message. Even though Facebook allows up to 500 characters in the ad copy, you don’t need to use all of it.

Here’s another thing I liked about this particular Ambi Pur ad. It’s their image.

Have you ever looked at a photo and you feel like you can smell the freshness it can give?

Ambi Pur’s ad image is aligned with their ad copy. You’ll learn two great things about their ad:

  • Less is more in the ad copy.
  • Feed your imagination using a well-executed image.

#3 Ariel Philippines – Give away free stuff

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

It’s not difficult to realize why this Ariel ad got over 80 comments and 70 shares. I mean…who wouldn’t want a free sample?

By giving away a free sample, Ariel makes you register to Everyday Me – an online platform created by Procter & Gamble with an extensive list of their products, tools and services, and deals and offers.

#4 AXA Philippines – Participate in the quiz

Do you want to promote your quiz and use it to bring in targeted leads? Well, you can do that using Facebook advertising.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Here’s an ad of AXA:

What makes this one successful?

  • It’s visual. The image of a happy model tends to work wonders when you’re selling love for coffee. The colors and lighting go well with the text and text box background colors, too.
  • It’s relevant. As a female who enjoys drinking coffee, I would say this is relevant to my demographic.
  • It has a clear call-to-action. The ad asks me to take a quiz in order to know my health score, and gives me a link that goes directly to the quiz.

#5 Belo Essentials – Show how-to videos

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

How to get people try your new product? Show it in action.

Belo Essentials makes a new whitening bar with exfoliating lemon scrubs, and they wanted to show how their product works, so they used a carousel link ad to show how to achieve great looking skin with their product.

#6 Breeze Philippines – Use your native language

What is the best way to communicate with your target audience when you market it locally? It’s to use their native language.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Breeze uses a native language in their ad description. It is a powerful way for marketers to reach all users who speak a certain language. This means marketers wanting to reach all Facebook users who speak Filipino.

#7 Cebu Pacific Air – Share your exclusive sale and best stuff

Facebook’s carousel ad was created to let marketers promote more than one image or product at one.

In the example of Cebu Pacific Air’s carousel ad, it presents several of their most popular getaway promos at once, increasing the awareness for all of them at once.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

If you haven’t tried carousel ads before, now is the right time.

#8 Downy Philippines – Use compelling image

We are always drawn to things that are beautiful and catchy.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

One of the factors to make your Facebook ad’s work is to make it well-designed, attractive and suit what you’re selling.

Here’s an example of campaign by Downy Philippines. The company has created single ad visual – two models with great looking faces. Plus, the ad description is aligned to the visual.

#9 Ford Philippines – Show the best offers

If you are a savvy online consumer, it’s very rare that you don’t know where you want to buy something before you start shopping around. Sure, you might be occasionally tempted by a great offer by a retailer you’re not familiar with, but generally speaking, you already have a good idea of where you want to shop long before you sit down to browse.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

In the ad example of Ford Philippines, they did a great job of showcasing their best offers so potential buyers have fewer options. If they have fewer options, the probability of buying from them is high.

Their headline “Ford’s best offers” is on point. Plus they have two clear call-to-actions which are “Register here” and the button “Sign Up”.

Once again, Ford demonstrates a keen understanding of its target audience, as well as how to leverage the visual nature of Facebook ads to create a clean, minimal, and compelling ad experience.

#10 Globe myBusiness – Use the before and after imagery

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Globe myBusiness helps businesses work more efficiently using a reliable Internet for their needs.

What I like about this Facebook ad is the use of the before and after imagery. It’s kind of like the age-old weight loss transformation photo but for connectivity. There is also some clear supporting text and it’s very obvious what the business has to offer.

Another good thing about the ad is the text and heading below the image reiterate the messaging or encourage an action.

#11 Johnnie Walker – Make holiday sales shine on Facebook

With holiday marketing in overdrive, you’ll want your ads to shine as bright as the holidays.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Let’s take Johnnie Walker’s ad here. The images and copy do more than convey the brand’s personality and style; they also promote their limited-edition pack that the viewer will probably need to get ready for the holidays (like the perfect wine for a New Year Day feast).

Johnnie Walker’s Facebook campaign is a good example of using ad placement to address two things:

  • Using limited-edition to create customer’s sense of urgency
  • Timely tactic during the crowded holiday advertising season

#12 KitKat – Generate excitement around your new product

Does the ad below excites you? You definitely should.

The below video ad came from KitKat where they provide a teaser of their new product.

It’s compelling because it engages the audience with a professionally developed video, and elicits excitement and emotion.

By creating product teaser, you’ll be able to entice people to think about your brand as caring and thoughtful.

#13 Lady’s Choice Philippines – Get creative on imagery

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

What did you notice in the ad’s image below?

It seems real to me. Take a look at the breads on the plate. It’s like they are really in front of you and ready to be eaten.

This Facebook’s ad from Lady’s Choice uses illusion technique to put prospects in a position where they want to try the product as quickly as possible.

By including a hashtag in the ad description, they are trying to engage with their target market and encourage conversation around the brand.

#14 MetroDeal Manila – Create a sense of urgency

One of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion is scarcity.

Here’s a good example of Facebook ads in the Philippines that shows scarcity. MetroDeal Manila offers an overnight luxury getaway that is only for grab within 48 hours.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Are they giving their target market a hard time to decide in just a short notice? I believe they don’t intend to do that.

People are more likely to buy if the offer only stands for a limited time.

You can learn to trigger your customers’ sense of urgency with these methods:

  • Limited-number – Item is in short supply and won’t be available once it runs out.
  • Limited-time – Item is only available during that time period.

By mentioning the price and duration of the offer, your target customers will more likely click your ad than advertising a plain ad without numbers.

#15 PLDT Home – Give something away for a low price

What do you think a crazy value you can offer to your prospect?

It could be “for as low as” or “Get 3 month subscription for Php 200”. It’s up to you. I’d suggest that it should be a really really specific offer that anyone would understand.

15 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples Of Brands In The Philippines

Below is the ad of PLDT. It includes a very specific call-to-action and price benefit for the prospect.

Key takeaways:

The best 15 Facebook ads we’ve analyzed include a selection of these elements which you can use for your next Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Show the price to show the brand can be trusted.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Give away cool stuff.
  • Engage target customers through quizzes and contests.
  • Using faces in the visuals.
  • Leveraging video ads by creating how-to tutorials or step by step guides.
  • Use native language to connect with your target market.
  • Share only the best offers you can give.
  • Use stunning visual elements
  • Limit choices to help make informed decisions.
  • Take advantage of the before and after images just like an effective weight loss program testimonial.
  • Make it timely.
  • Generate excitement by creating product teaser.
  • Use the Cialdini’s scarcity principle.


Facebook advertising is a growing trend in the Philippines. It has the potential to drive a big ROI for your business.

The Facebook advertising campaign examples in this list can be a great starting point for you to shortcut your way to a successful campaign.

I suggest that you test things out. Test one element at a time. We made this list of creative advertising ideas to help you and not overwhelm you. So pick a strategy and test it “One at a time”.

What do you think of the examples? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Still having doubts on what will work for you, or just want some help getting results? Get in touch.

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