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Quezon City, Philippines—Aiming to unlock the secrets of digital marketing success for industry professionals, Emerge launched its groundbreaking event, “UNWRAP YOUR POTENTIAL: ROADSHOW SERIES,” with its inaugural workshop, “From Beginner to Buzz, A Digital Marketing Workshop for Real Estate,” held on 28 May 2024, at the Finnemann Building in Christ the King, E. Rodriguez Ave, Quezon City, Manila.

Being the brainchild of Emerge, the series is slated to give a new approach to learning through customized and direct workshops to various businesses — ensuring the specific audience receives targeted insights on digital marketing strategies.

Jim Merino, Emerge’s Director of Marketing & Client Services and the series’ resource speaker shared the impetus behind the initiative, “After our successful run of the Unwrap Your Potential Masterclass Series, we decided to go out on the road and explore more locations where opportunities are waiting for businesses of all kinds. The roadshow version promises a tailor-fit workshop or presentation for a very niche audience, updating the topics depending on the location, the audience, and the marketing need.”

The recently concluded workshop was centered on the real estate industry, engaging brokers who are eager to harness the power of digital marketing. Partnering with PAREB-Quezon City Real Estate Board, Inc., Merino explained, “The first leg was successful because of our partnership with PAREB-Quezon City Real Estate Board, Inc., which wanted to provide new learning for its real estate brokers so that they could maximize the digital opportunities waiting for them.”

He added, “Since this is a very niche workshop, we also considered how to make it easier for them to understand the jargon and how-tos of the interface of the tools we are using.”

In the real estate sector, digitalization is increasingly crucial, a point Merino underscored during the workshop, defining it as a ‘key that streamlines tasks, gets us data for better decisions, and creates a top-notch client experience with virtual tours and such.’

Merino also gave a glimpse into the future of digital marketing for real estate: “Digital marketing’s future is all about VR tours, hyperlocal targeting, content that makes us advisors, and using data to personalize everything. Embrace it, or get left behind!”

Moving ahead, Emerge envisions further amplifying and expanding the roadshow series’ target circle beyond Pampanga and Manila, taking it to Visayas and Mindanao, and holding future editions in the international arena, such as Asia and the USA.

The successful wrap-up of the maiden workshop highlighted the current age’s need for innovative, specialized knowledge on digital marketing, as Merino shared the experience, “The first leg was filled with curious participants who kept on asking questions and asked for consultations during the workshop portion. Even after the event, participants were keen on connecting with me and talking further about their digital challenges. So I guess our roadshow made an impact on them.”

With its commitment to innovation and excellence, Emerge is slated to continue ushering businesses into the new era of marketing, empowering their positions to trailblaze and thrive.

Watch out for the upcoming editions of the roadshow series, as Emerge sets it forth to where you are!

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