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Unwrap Your Potential: Emerge Kicks Off First Leg of Masterclass Series

Emerge successfully held its first masterclass series, “From Lens to Likes: Product Photography and Promotions Workshop,” in partnership with Cimmaroon Photography last November 21, 2023, at the Capitol Hil Hotel & Suites, Angeles City, where attendees gained hands-on experience in product photography and promotion strategies. 

The event started with opening remarks from Emerge’s Marketing Manager Jim Merino, who warmly welcomed the attendees. Merino emphasized the importance of investing in marketing, particularly in digital media.

“We are now in the era of a digital-first approach to doing business. Creative skills like photography and business skills like advertising must go hand in hand to ensure your objectives are met using the right tools and mindset,” said Merino. 

Rachel Jaro of Cimmaroon Photography then took the stage to lead an in-depth discussion about photography basics and best practices. Attendees gained hands-on experience during an interactive product photoshoot demo by the Cimmaroon team.

Emerge partnered with Cimmaroon Photography for their excellence in the field. Emerge’s founder and CEO, Mr. Richard Noromor, says, “Their business is a testament to exceptional products and effective digital marketing promotions. The demo was a crucial aspect of the event, enabling workshop attendees to acquire practical skills in product photography.”

After a quick break, Mr. Merino returned to teach strategies for effectively promoting products and services on digital platforms. The participants then applied their new photography and promotion skills during a knowledge-testing activity and group presentation. 

To conclude the event, resource speakers Ms. Jaro, Mr. Adrian Enriquez, and Mr. Merino were presented with certificates of appreciation. When asked about his experience, Mr. Merino said, “As one of the resource speakers, it was thrilling and empowering to engage with the eager participants to learn and use the knowledge they gained for their personal and business goals. This just proves that learning never stops!”

The event was the first offline activation of Emerge’s “Unwrap Your Potential” campaign, which aims to share valuable workshops covering different aspects of digital marketing, helping businesses discover their full potential. 

“Our goal with this masterclass was to empower entrepreneurs by honing their photography skills and digital promotion. We aimed to unlock their potential, enabling success in their businesses through compelling visuals and effective online strategies,” said Mr. Noromor. 

The “Unwrap Your Potential” campaign is set to continue next year, expanding to different parts of the country. Mr. Noromor added, “ Our next destination is the National Capital Region, where we plan to integrate various topics of omnichannel marketing.”

For more information about Emerge and its award-winning digital marketing solutions, you may reach their Revenue Operations team at sales@emergelocal.com and discover how Emerge can elevate your business’s digital presence. 

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