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The 5 Big Questions About Digital Marketing – Answered

Hannah dela Cruz, Account Manager at EmergeLocal joins the EmergeLocal TV this week, to discuss the top 5 questions she encounters during pitching of digital marketing solutions.
When it comes to online marketing, business owners especially the small and medium enterprises are skeptical with going digital. They question the value of our digital marketing services.
In this blog post, we compiled five common skeptical questions our account manager encounters when she’s pitching digital marketing solutions to business owners and marketers.

So, here they are:

Q1: What if there are two competing companies who want to advertise on Google with your agency, should there be an issue?

A1: There’s no issue in that at all. We are just an instrument who would deliver your message to your target market online. Two companies might have different marketing approach – the way they deliver their own messages to their target market. So we are just here to help you put those marketing messages online. At the end of the day, the most outstanding message will be heard.

Well this is actually on point. Being a digital advertising agency, we offer other channels that business owners can take advantage of to promote their products and services. The treatment on all our clients are equal because at the end of the day, it depends on your marketing message and objectives.

Q2: What if there are a lot of companies who want to advertise with the same time, location, demographics, and websites, how will our ads appear?

A2: Your ads will still appear according to Google’s criteria. Google will place your ads according to how much you’re willing to pay per click and how relevant your business is to a particular user’s keywords.

Quite a clever question right? Well apparently businesses who advertise on Google and still manage to show ads.

Since Google has their own measurement called quality score (which includes how relevant the ad is to the user’s search or interest) and bid (how much an advertiser is willing to pay per click), then your ads will definitely appear as long as it meets all the criteria.

Q3: Why should I avail Google AdWords if I can be seen on the organic results already?

A3: There is a huge difference between the organic results and Google Ads. One of them is you only pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. In SEO, only Google knows the algorithm on how you can put your website on the first page of search results.  On the other hand, AdWords is easy to launch and you can set a specific budget. The ads are also placed at the right place at the right time.

And as I have said, appearing on the organic results isn’t always a guarantee to be shown at the top or first page. Being on Google Adwords provides an advantage since its paid and it’s like an upgrade to your message or ads. Organic results are millions thus being on paid advertising can somehow uplift your position and of course gives you an opportunity to improve your ads along the way to be on the position whenever a potential customer is looking for your products or services.

As an agency who focuses in Pay Per Click advertising, we don’t ditch the SEO. SEO is very important. If you’re looking for a long term result, it is the way to go. The thing is only Google knows the algorithm. If you want an instant results, you should go for Pay Per Click advertising.

Q4: My sales is doing well, how would I know Google AdWords would make any difference?

A4: “Who wouldn’t want to have more sales? Google AdWords can let you reach people who are really searching for you. According to Association of Digital Marketing Agencies or ADMA, 6.8M Filipino internet users are searching. 84% is engaging in search/navigation activities. 63% is searching on mobile everyday. Would you miss those?”

You don’t want to miss those opportunities. With Google Adwords you will reach your target customers who searches online.

Q5: The Internet in the Philippines is very slow, how can you say that digital advertising is helpful?

A5: According to wearesocial, we are ranked 15th worldwide in terms of internet usage with 46% internet penetration and 47% in social media. These stats show that Filipinos are online. How much more when the Internet connection becomes faster?

Well admittedly internet in the Philippines is slow but it doesn’t stop Filipinos to search online. Those Filipinos can be reach through digital advertising.


Just like any other marketing platform, online advertising is another way to improve sales and promote your business. Since we are now in the digital age, being online is one way to get ahead of the competition towards the future of marketing.

Do you have any questions in mind about digital marketing? Let us know!

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