Emerge & Converge ICT Solutions’ Leap Into Next-Level Engagements With The TikTok Wave


Using spokespeople of all kinds to intensify Converge ICT Solutions’ brand awareness.

Converge ICT Solutions, a primary provider of high-speed fiber internet in the Philippines, turned to Emerge for an innovative approach to expanding its brand visibility and market reach. It is also making a name for itself in homes around the Philippines as a provider of high-speed internet services. The goal was to capture the interest of a new and more extensive audience base. The plan was simple: to tap into TikTok’s dynamic, content-centric ecosystem. This vision is to expand brand awareness for Converge’s high-speed internet services by leveraging the buzz around them.

Converge is known for providing high-quality internet connectivity and exceptional customer support. Still, they wanted to mix it up and showcase their brand in the same fun, relatable, and engaging way. Tapping Emerge, Converge decided to create TikTok-first content that would resonate with the platform’s users. The campaign was visioned to include product demonstrations, engaging storylines, and the brand’s commitment to superior service.


The Emerge Strategy: A Masterclass in Co-creation and Community Storytelling

Emerge spearheaded an expansive campaign that harnessed TikTok, spotlighting Converge ICT Solutions’ unique selling points: 


Influencer Partnerships

  • Expressing planned promos and content
  • Producing fun content
  • Serving as a resource to consumers

Engaging Content Formats

  • Drive content participation
  • Foster two-way conversation
  • Make content more accessible and personable

Strategic Ad Placements

  • Significant brand visibility and engagement
  • Guaranteed brand image

Community-Driven Storytelling

  • Higher engagement milestones
  • Pierced the viewers’ daily lives

With a short span of our partnership, we have seen effect directly to our sales…

-Mr. Gab Hayashi








Traditional Marketing

Emerge and Converge ICT Solutions’ collaborative efforts on a TikTok campaign marked a massive shift in how internet services are marketed:

Unprecedented Engagement

The campaign resulted in a staggering 23.3 M Clicks in less than 12 months, compared to Meta (2.3M) and Google (4.9M). This showcases explicitly the power of targeting the platform’s highly engaged user base.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

As the only internet service provider to launch a TikTok campaign in the Philippines, Converge massively increased its brand visibility, especially among the younger consumers who would soon enter the market.

Digital Transformation

The brand positioned itself as an internet service provider with innovative and customer-centric plans. As a result, the campaign has set a new standard for an industry rapidly moving to digital to maintain relevance.


23.3 M






The campaign is a beacon of how brands should start transitioning towards applying their creativity within custom storytelling. By doing so, they aren’t just making content that makes sense for TikTok but can get the most out of what they’ve already invested. 

The fact that Emerge and Converge ICT Solutions not only successfully cracked TikTok but changed the game in evolving traditional marketing for the age of social media is proof positive that the future of digital engagement encompasses a place where creativity and technology converge to create huge wins in community-centric marketing success.