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Be Sun-sational: Summer-Ready Deals by Emerge to help business owners this dry season

Emerge recently announced their “Summer-Ready Deals” to aid business owners in their digital marketing efforts in time for the hottest seaosn. Theese deals aim to bolster and ease every business owner’s backs. A helping hand indeed for those who are struggling with their heavy workload, and those who just want to enjoy their summer with their loved ones underneath the sun.

Handling a business can be tricky. You manage your own time, but it requires a lot of attention. You are your own boss, but you need to serve your business. It’s a common misconception everyone has in mind. Running a business is a combination of dedication and hard work. You need to put your back into it to reap the rewards. Every business owner knows that running a business should not be taken lightly. You commit yourself to it, you get to sacrifice important things like fun, leisure, and spending time with your loved ones just to make your business thrive. A dilemma they need to face every single day.

Emerge has heard and they will deliver. A solution that would secure a hassle-free summer for business owners. Never miss out on the getaways, fun, and leisure. Spend time with your family and loved ones! You earned a well-deserving rest and vacation. Emerge will take it over from here.

Emerge is thrilled to release deals that can cater to more of its client’s needs for digital marketing. It was intended to be of assistance to businesses from different industries during this summer season but it became the solution. This incredible deal has already launched its omnibus promotion last March 6, 2023, and will extend until April 30, 2023, with limited offers and benefits.

Once availed, its perks will be a favorable factor for business owners as it:

  1. Can generate more leads;
  2. Reach more target customers;
  3. Increase credibility and brand awareness; and
  4. Expose the brand digitally

The summer-ready deals are divided into two packages:

Social Media Content Marketing Packages

Social Media Content Marketing is a way for your business to tell people that you are here. To introduce a solution to a problem they have. “Social media content marketing is a good approach to connect and interact with your audience in a more accessible platform. It’s beneficial to businesses and helps them learn and study about customer behavior via digital metrics. After all, almost everyone is on social media so your target market is bound to be there too”, Ms. Fenina Gerero (Assistant Campaign Lead of Emerge) stated.

A question in mind is how can one assure that the posted content can be seen by the audience. That is where Facebook Boosting comes into play. A boosted post can reach a wider audience, improve engagement, and promote the brand. “It’s a very easy and quick option aside from sharing posts manually. Facebook has automated features to boost posts seamlessly. Despite it being a paid ad, it doesn’t require a large budget. You can maximize results and drive more engagements even with a minimum daily spend,” Ms. Aireen Fortunado (Jr. Paid Ads Specialist) shared. Business owners will get FREE Facebook Boosting in addition to the 10% discount, now that’s a good deal!

Website Design and Development Packages

Having a website is like having your own store online. It will act as a platform to display your products or services digitally as an exposure to your business offerings. As Mr. Lorenz Mark Mallare, the Jr. Web Developer of Emerge stated, “Websites can help strengthen your credibility as some consumers perceive owning a website as something professional and official”, in that way, trust is a very crucial element in doing business. “Furthermore, you can be rest assured that your website performs optimally, knowing that you have a trusted team of developers maintaining the website on your behalf”, Mr. Lorenz adds.

With this summer-ready deal, business owners can enjoy FREE domain name, hosting, and website maintenance on top of the 10% discount for every web design and development packages. They can surely enjoy their dream summer vacation while Emerge takes care of their website while they’re away.

Emerge, an agency that specializes in creating digital marketing solutions for local businesses in the Philippines and abroad sets out to offer a more sophisticated approach to achieving its vision of being the top and most trusted agency along with a fast-paced solution for its client’s digital advertising needs. Looking forward, Emerge will continue its provision of professional marketing strategies while constantly meeting the expectations of its partner businesses.

Be EMERGIFIED today! Enjoy your vacation and let the professionals do the job. What are you waiting for? Never miss out on the getaways, fun, and leisure. Connect with Emerge through sales@emergelocal.com to finally grab your opportunity with this limited offer! You earned a well-deserving break and relaxation. Emerge will take it over from here.

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