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It’s happy hour somewhere… especially here at Capitol Hill Hotel & Suites! 😉

Cocktails and refreshments perfect for that break after a long day. Toast and cheer with the best people here at the Overlook Resto and Bar. Try out our blend of drinks and delicious side snacks for a relaxing late afternoon huddle. 🍹🍸🥂

Visit or call 0977 124 7175 | 045 436 0557 | 0969 176 4473 to know more.

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Eid'ul Adha Al-Mubarak!

Warmest greetings to our brethrens in the Muslim community. May this day be filled with blessings as you culminate your pilgrimage and may comfort reign in your homes in days to come.

#CapitolHillHotelandSuites #RisingToNewHeights #AngelesCity #SplendidComfort #SplendidWelcomes

Treat your dad or hubby to a dine-in experience at our @Overlook restaurant and bar this June 18, 2023, and we’ll make it even more special with two (2) drinks on the house for every single receipt of P1,000!

You can choose among our arrays of selected beers, shakes, or coffee! 🍹☕🍻

Make reservations today and call 0977 124 7175 | 045 436 0557 | 0969 176 4473

#CapitolHillHotelandSuites #RisingToNewHeights #AngelesCity #SplendidComfort #SplendidWelcomes
Cabalen, ready your pedals! This #WorldBicycleDay, check out and traverse these cycling paths! 🚵🚴

Clark Freeport’s bike and CXC trails are great spots to enjoy the natural sceneries and elevate your biking experience. At the same time, New Clark City offers an open space for group biking with the NCC Stadium in the background. Adya yu na la ring kekayung bitis! Let’s bike up and see more of the metro!

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#HoldTheLine ✊🖊🖋

In the digital age when news content is seemingly related more on entertainment, PR, and trends. Let us not forget the power of the true press to hold people in power accountable and the responsibilities that comes in practicing our willed expression.

Salute to all who continue to fight fake news and disinformation, uphold balanced journalism, promote informative content, and those who are brave to question what needs to be questioned.

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Kapampangans are among the few groups of Filipinos who bravely fought for our country’s independence.

Beyond the eras of colonizers, today as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Philippine #Independence, we salute as well those among us who continues to fight for all sense of freedom, every day. For individual rights, for equality, and for others so as we can all enjoy the fruits of liberation, free speech and expression, and freedom within ourselves not only as Kapampangans, not only as Filipinos, but as human beings.


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