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Cabalens always celebrate the spirit of togetherness and this is evident within The Orchard community spaces. This includes our soon to rise Building 2!

These upgraded alfresco hub for shopping spots 🛍, dining destinations 🍽, hang-out corners ☕🍸, even working space 💻 is designed to compliment the outdoor spaces with a genuine relaxing vibe in the metro, plus environment friendly building system for the eco-mmunity touch. 🌳

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#LetsGetTogether #LetsEatTogether #theorchard #LetsUnwindTogether #alfresco #coming soon
#LetsGetTogether for an amazing summer! 🌞

Tara! Tag family and friends! Hang-out and chill, beat of the summer heat here at the genuine al fresco spot of The Orchard.

Enjoy great food under the shady trees and make memories in a backyard atmosphere. Check out the array of cafés and restaurants for a perfect summer commune. 🍃🍽😋

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#LetsEatTogether #LetsDineTogether #TheOrchard #Alfresco

Watch out for the arrival of the “𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆” here at The Orchard, any idea who is it? We can smell that delicious flame-grilled goodness already!

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#LetsGetTogether #LetsEatTogether #LetsDineTogether #TheOrchard #Alfresco
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