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Why Use Facebook Advertising? 5 reasons to use FB Ads in your Business

In this digital age where social media is not new to everyone, businesses should take the opportunity to use Facebook Ads as one of their primary marketing tool. 

Social media is not just great for sharing content with thousands of followers at once but a tool to amplify your marketing messages.

We know that there are a lot of social media platforms today. 

We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and many more that a business can utilize for promoting their products and services. 

We’re not going to deal with each of them right now but we’re going to focus on one platform – that is Facebook.

You can do a lot of things on Facebook. Organically, you can promote your products and services through your Facebook Page or even with personal page. You can create micro sites within Facebook by using the Apps and Tabs.

But we believe that there’s one thing Facebook is very good at – advertising.

We’ve launched numerous Facebook Ads campaigns for our local clients and we’ve seen great results. The goals of our clients’ Facebook Ads campaigns vary such as driving traffic to their website, acquiring sales leads, promote a video and getting attendees to an event. These goals have been achieved with advertising on Facebook.

Now, before you start advertising, you should be equipped with knowledge of knowing the benefits of advertising on Facebook. Are you ready? Let’s start.

1. Detailed Facebook Insights

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Try Facebook Advertising

In any business, the key to success is knowing your audience. This is possible with Facebook Insights

You can see the dominant languages spoken among your social media audience as well as their age, gender, and location. The demographic data can help you cater campaigns and product offers to your target audience, which will provide you a better return on investment. 

You’ll also see the post that get the highest audience reach and engagement. This data can help you in crafting your status updates that will catch your audience’s attention.

2. Powerful Targeting Options

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Try Facebook Advertising

This is what we love most about Facebook. Their targeting options are ridiculously powerful. We will not enumerate all of them but we will give you the targeting options we mostly used.

Facebook fans – This targeting option is great for Facebook pages who has a small audience or likes. It is also a great to way to remind your Facebook fans with your products, services, promotions or offers.

Lookalike Facebook fans – If you want to increase the number of your fans or likes, you should have at least launch a campaign with this targeting option. Facebook will do the work for you to find potential fans with the same behavior of your existing fans.

Location – You can target your audience based on their specific location by targeting country, state/province, city, ZIP code, DMA, or address. It works if you are targeting nearby locations.

Gender and age – There are certain products and services that are fit for a specific gender and age. If you advertise, choose the right gender and age based on the product and service you’re offering to make it more targeted.

Previously visited your site – If the client wants to see the ad through his desktop or mobile, create campaign targeting the people who visited your client’s website.

Demographic – Choose your target audience based on education, relationship, work, generation, and etc.

Interest – Before you choose a specific interest, list some keywords that best describe the client’s target audience. Facebook will tell you if they have it on their interest list with corresponding number of potential reach.

Behavior – If you want to squeeze your options and make it more specific, try choosing a type of behavior. Digital activities, travel frequency, mobile device user are among the options.
Once you’ve selected all the options, Facebook will give you a potential audience reach according to your targeting details. It can help you in making decisions in your budget, creative, and messaging.


3. Choosing different objectives

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Try Facebook Advertising

You cannot run a campaign without an objective. Everything starts with the goal of your campaign. This sets all the expectations, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) your campaign will achieve and gives you an idea if your campaigns are performing or not.
Here are the default objectives you can choose from. Here we go.

Clicks to Website – Choose this objective if the client’s goal is to increase the traffic of a particular webpage.

Website Conversions – Use this goal when the client’s wants to receive inquiries from our campaigns. It’s the most challenging and exciting objective.

Page Post Engagement – This goal gives you a way to boost your posts. Some clients prefer to promote their posts on Facebook to reach a wider audience.

Page Likes – Promote your Page and get Page likes to connect with more people who will be the next ambassadors of your products or services. Run a Page Like campaign if your Page has a small number of fans.

Event Responses – Do you have an event that you want to advertise? Use this objective to raise attendance at your event.

Video Views If your client has an existing high quality video for marketing, take the opportunity to create a Video Views campaign to get more people to view your video.

Aside from we’ve mentioned above, there are other objectives you can choose: App Installs, App Engagement, Offer Claims, and Local Awareness.


4. Get Creative

Facebook allows you to get creative with your ad. You can create an ad with a combination of text and image. It’s also easy to create an ad and control it. If you think the ad is not performing, just pause it and create another one.
You can also choose a type of ad you want to run: a) single image b) video and link and c) multiple images and links.
Most of the ads we see are in the form single image. Multiple images and links are ideal for e-commerce sites while video and links are for big brands that are already advertising on TV commercials.


5. Ads Testing

Doing A/B testing is a vital strategy to achieve good results on Facebook advertising. This allows you to make changes to improve your creative and gain valuable insights to what works and doesn’t work.



Facebook advertising is a platform that allows businesses to run their campaigns successfully through its targeting options and different objectives while having creative control. Now that you know the reasons why you need to start advertising on Facebook, we can help you launch your first campaign and eventually determine whether or not Facebook ads are right for your business.

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