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3 Ways to Remarket Your Facebook and Instagram Audience with Facebook Ads

Wondering how you can retarget your audience other than your website visitors?

First, let’s define retargeting.

According to Single Grain, Facebook retargeting is the process of finding people who’ve visited your website and then using their data to find their Facebook profiles. You can then run advertising campaigns to target those people and convince them to head back to your website.

What if you don’t have a website?

Is Facebook retargeting possible?

As long as a Facebook user engages with your business, it is possible to show them your ads without the need to install a Facebook pixel (applied for website retargeting) through custom audiences.

What are Facebook Custom Audiences?

Facebook Custom Audiences are groups of people who:

  • you already know
  • have engaged with your Facebook or Instagram pages or ads
  • have visited or engaged with your app or website
  • or have interacted with your business or store through offline channels

Once you’ve established these lists, you can then target them with your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Remarketing social engagements is an incredible way to bring back brand-aware traffic.

Social media is an incredible tool for generating brand buzz, but that’s not all that it’s good for.

With Facebook’s updated engagement-style audiences, you can remarket to anyone who lands on your Facebook and Instagram profiles.

In this post, I will enumerate the ways you can retarget your audience using custom audiences. 

Before creating your engagement remarketing campaign, start by creating your custom audiences. To do this, click on the main menu in Ads Manager and select Audiences from the pop-out menu.

When the Audiences dashboard appears, click on Create Audience and select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.

To get started, create another new custom audience, but this time, use one of the Facebook sources to remarket based on engagement.

People who viewed your video

Videos are one of the content types on Facebook that business owners often produce. By using video on Facebook, you get access to even more exciting metrics. For example, you can track how long your video is viewed, when users jump off, or how many people clicked on “Play” at all—a great way to get to know your audience better and glean valuable information.

You can now create a list of people who have:

  • viewed at least 3 seconds of your video
  • viewed at least 10 seconds of your video
  • either completed or viewed at least 15 seconds of your video (Thruplay)
  • watched 25% of your video
  • watched 50% of your video
  • watched 75% of your video
  • watched 95% of your video

If you post videos that last more than 10 seconds and more people watch them, it’s a great strategy to retarget those people. You can show a different ad to the people who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video, which is the minimum.

People who liked, visited, or engaged with your Facebook Page

Do you have more fans than engagements?

What about more engagements on your posts or ads?

Either way, those are critical metrics for retargeting.

You can select to target people who engaged with a post or ad, page visitors, fans who clicked a call-to-action button, people who sent a message to your page, and more.

Here are the types of Facebook retargeting lists you can create:

  • People who currently like your Page
  • Everyone who engaged with your Page
  • Anyone who visited your Page
  • People who engaged with any post or ad
  • People who clicked any call-to-action button
  • People who sent a message to your Page
  • People who saved your Page or any post

People who engaged with your Instagram Page

Here are the types of Instagram retargeting lists you can create:

  • Everyone who engaged with your Instagram page, posts, and ads – Lets you make a list with all people who have engaged with your profile, posts, or paid advertisement on Instagram
  • People who visited your Instagram business profile – Lets you create a retargeting list with everyone who viewed your Instagram profile
  • People who engaged with your posts or ads on Instagram – Creates a retargeting audience with all people who engaged with your posts or ads. Engagement includes likes, comments, saves, carousel swipes, tapping call-to-action buttons, or sharing a post or ad using direct message
  • People who sent you an Instagram message – Will create a retargeting list with people who sent a direct message to your Instagram business profile
  • People who have saved any of your Instagram posts or ads – A particular audience will be created, with only the people who decided to “save” any of your paid and organic posts on Instagram

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve created a Facebook and Instagram retargeting Custom Audience, you can use it to discover invaluable information on who exactly the people who engage with your Facebook videos, Facebook, and Instagram profile are.

If your brand wants some assistance in ensuring that it delivers the most resonant retargeting ads to the most relevant Facebook and Instagram users, reach out to us.

Richard Noromor

CEO & Founder