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Holiday Advertising Strategies To Boost Your Sales

The season of giving and celebration is back! Holidays often means parties and reunions and gift-giving, but from a business perspective, this is the season of increased demand from the market.

What are the best gifts to buy? Is there a discount? Which product would my parents love for the holidays?

These are some of the common questions customers wonder about before they decide to purchase an item. Businesses, especially ones active on social media, create campaigns that delight customers without pushing them through the holiday noise by understanding their wants and interests in this exciting season.

This is a good insight a business can ponder: their target audience’s behavior and thought processes during these seasons.

1. Understand “Why the Holiday Season is Crucial for Online Businesses?”

Holiday season is the time for customers to splurge on products and services not just for themselves but for others as well. Customers ride on the holiday market wave and it’s an opportunity for businesses to attract sales online from those actively searching and shopping customers.

A well-planned holiday advertising campaign can bring a significant boost in sales, boost brand visibility, and gain new customers that will eventually become your loyal customers.

2. Analyze how the Current Market behaves.

Customers are shopping for gifts and decorations to uplift the spirit of the Holiday season. Apart from customers, businesses are aggressive as well in their advertising campaigns. Catching up with the latest demands in the market as customers tend to haul for items and services.

A shift in customers’ buying behavior can be observed during the start of the festive season, some shop early while others at the last minute. Businesses on the other hand are competitive with their rates, discounts, and offers given that the competition is high among their other businesses.

3. Revisit previous Holiday Advertising Campaigns

A record of historical performances from your previous holiday campaigns is a good start to gathering inspiration and ideas that you can integrate into the new campaign. 

Having a basis of what’s not to do and to do is a great insight to make well-informed decisions; however what worked before might not be applicable in the latest season as customers’ behavior changes regularly. 

Checking on the data can surely give you an idea of how to kickstart your holiday campaign.

4. Tap into Emotions with Holiday Ads

Get into your customers’ emotions by uplifting their holiday spirits with holiday-related ads. Keep your audience engaged with your promotions by evoking feelings of nostalgia, gratitude, happiness, and more.

According to IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) ads that appeal to the emotions of the audience are twice as effective and perform well compared to those of rational content.

The visual tactics applied and the integration of emotions plays a vital role in customer persuasion. 

This allows brands to build a certain attachment with the customers whenever they use the product or service. Companies like Jollibee, McDonalds, RC Cola, Starbucks, etc. are some great examples of using emotion for ads.  

5. Get noticed through Video Marketing

One thing customers want from a brand is authenticity and video marketing is a great tool to showcase what you do as a brand. It makes the product experience more human since they’re able to witness it in practice or actual use.

64% of consumers buying decisions during Mega Sales which often occurs during special events came from video content. The increasing popularity of live marketing has significantly influenced customers buying decisions as well, 81% of the surveyed social shoppers have made a purchase in one session.

6. Reconnect with Existing Customers

Engage with customers who have already interacted with your brand. This includes customers who visited your website but have not made any action, those who have seen your ads but did not click, and your customers’ info that you want to reach out to. 

These are the audiences you want to announce with the new holiday campaign who may take the desired action you want this time given the offer is more interesting and enticing. 

On average, 96% of the people who visit a website will leave without successfully converting to a lead or sale. Given this, remarketing allows businesses to use the data in further expanding their brand awareness and still attain potential sales.

7. Delight customers with Free Gifts

Who doesn’t like freebies? 

Product prices are either on the roof or the opposite. Usually, customers lean on affordable or on-budget item prices. Considering the business competition, offering discounts, rewards, free shipping, or freebies can make an interesting and eye-catching offer for your customers.

Social Media Advertising this Holiday Season is Easy!

All I want for Christmas is…

Another thing about this season is you get to build customer relationships. Holidays are meant to be shared with family, friends, and loved ones. Be part of those shared moments and gain long-term sales.

Getting the right approach for your holiday advertising campaign can impact your business sales. Being quick to adapt to market challenges and knowing how your customers behave, plus the shopping trends, your brand can outsell your competitors.

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