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Emerge Attends Customers Service Management Training with Jonathan Yabut

Select Emergians, who usually handle external communications, attended the Advanced Customer Service Management on Chat & Email Boot Camp with Jonathan Yabut held July 1st, 2022.

Present during the virtual training were Fey Gerero, Ge Baladhay, Ghera Guanzon, Harold Bacani – Brand & Communications Specialists; Kyle Bernardo – Community Management Specialist; Jane Asana, Marco Nepomuceno – Paid Ads Specialists; Nesie Obiado – Sales & Marketing; Christian Manuel – Web Development; Patrick Lee Orquiola – Creative Design Lead; and Jimmar Merino – Senior Account Manager & Brand Strategy Lead.

Providing excellent customer service involves maintaining a strong relationship with the company’s stakeholders, whether inside or outside the organization; that’s why these Emergians took their time to learn and expand their knowledge on managing communications with our clients and other external company stakeholders


Jonathan Yabut is the resource speaker of the online workshop; you might remember him as the winner of The Apprentice Asia 2013.

He is now the founder of JY Consultancy & Ventures, providing free and premium online workshops and onsite speakerships to various industries in the Philippines and abroad.

He presented the webinar in a live session via Zoom and took the time to engage with the audience. 


The webinar is considered an online boot camp to level up the participants’ ability to manage customer inquiries in written communication, especially on email, chats, and other online communication tools. 

The first part gave the audience a comprehensive understanding of the etiquette of written engagement and the difference and advantages of emails and chats as modes of communication with your clients.

Jonathan talked about the pros and cons of using email or chats, but he highlighted the importance of using a company email and a group chat for constant communication.

The second part focused on customer engagement in chat and email. 

Furthermore, the final part focused on super apps and software for customer engagement.

Aligned with Emerge’s digital-first approach, the team agreed that this was the best part of the online workshop because they realized they were already making these recommendations. It just boosted their knowledge to a new level gearing up for a virtual-centric process.

From lead generation to onboarding to providing essential services and having a daily conversation with the client, everything must be done online. So the team took notes on the apps and software to be used and some tips on minimizing time-consuming activities to a more ergonomic and fast-paced exchange.


During the “Question and Answer” workshop, Jonathan emphasized that going digital is the new norm and that there is no going back. We can only move forward knowing that the digital era is here, and the business structures and systems should adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world.

Moreover, Emerge is on the right track with its evolutions and updates on social media management, media buying, website development, and community management. 

Digital-first is the new rule!

Digital-First Is The New Rule